Junkee Media and Pinterest empower Gen Z Australians with ‘Quiet Pride’ content series

Junkee Media - Pinterest

Junkee journalists Talecia Vescio and Ky Stewart discuss social issues and share their experiences of growing up queer in Australia.

Junkee and Pinterest Australia have partnered for a content series that aims to empower and inspire Gen Z LGBTQIA+ Australians to celebrate Pride in the ways that are most authentic to them.

The series explores the theme of “Quiet Pride” and delves into LGBTQIA+ trends and topics over 230 pins on Junkee and Punkee’s Pinterest accounts.

It features an in-convo series with Junkee journalists Talecia Vescio and Ky Stewart, who share their experiences of growing up queer in Australia, reflecting on queer social issues and celebrating all things Pride. 

The series will also serve as inspiration for a peaceful Pride celebrations, covering bedroom arts and crafts with friends to smaller Pride events. 

Jace Molan, content partnerships lead at Pinterest ANZ, said the partnership between the Pinterest and Junkee teams provided a platform for the many different ways these celebrations can come to life. 

“People turn to Pinterest as a positive place where they can discover new ideas and to be authentically themselves. For the LGBTQIA+ community celebrating Mardi Gras, this might mean donning glitter and sequins, or it might mean cosying up with friends and talking.”

Molan continued: “This partnership isn’t just about providing inspiration over the Mardi Gras festivities, our content celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community is year-round, and this new series with Junkee only adds to the engaging content already on the platform. Pinterest is proud to be a place for people to celebrate their identities and find their inspiration.”

Alice Griffin, Junkee Media’s editor-in-chief, added that Pinterest’s values of inclusivity, fostering creativity and community aligned with the ethos of Junkee and Punkee and its young audience.

“Our Pride content series with Pinterest gave a really important additional spotlight to the work we do throughout the year to bring attention to the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community and to celebrate queer experiences and stories.

“Junkee’s ever-talented Ky Stewart and Talecia Vescio brought their whole selves to this series, challenging what is commonly known about ‘pride’ and getting creative in exploring the many ways that pride and identity manifest day-to-day.”

In Stewart and Vescio’s fireside chat, Stewart said that Quiet Pride is simply giving a label to living life as a queer person and permission to relax into your identity.

“You don’t have to perform, you don’t have to be the only queer person in the room,” she added.

Talecia echoed that sentiment, noting that you don’t need to change yourself for a single event, “you are queer the whole year.”

The partnership follows the launch of Junkee Media’s Pinterest accounts.

Gen Z is Pinterest’s fastest-growing, most engaged audience—over 42% of its audience is made up of Gen Z.

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