Nova drive interchange bench IN: Joel Creasey OUT: Marty Sheargold

Joel Creasey

• Joel Creasey will replace Marty Sheargold, who will depart Nova on 11 September

The speculation is over – the Nova Network has hired comedian Joel Creasey to join Nova’s national drive show from Monday 14 September.

Here is the announcement released by Nova as the announcement was made on Kate, Tim and Marty today: 

One of Australia’s most acclaimed, popular and outspoken comedians, Joel Creasey will join Kate Ritchie and Tim Blackwell as Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel drive show.

Paul Jackson, Nova Entertainment’s chief programming & marketing officer said, “For over six years Nova’s drive team have built a loyal following with their audience. When looking for the right person to co-host the show, we wanted someone quick witted, energetic and who had great chemistry with our popular drive hosts – Kate and Tim. Joel is no stranger to Nova’s audience, having appeared as a guest on many of our on air shows, he has national appeal and already has a good relationship with the team. Joel was the perfect choice to join Kate and Tim on drive and we can’t wait to get them on air together.”

Kate, Tim & Marty has been the number one national drive show across Australia for 26 consecutive surveys. During their time on air, the team have won seven Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRA) – Best Networked Program in 2015, Best On Air Team in 2016 and 2017, Best Syndicated Australian Program and Best Networked Show in 2018, with Kate Ritchie was also awarded an ACRA for Best Entertainment Presenter that year, and Best Networked Program and Best Syndicated Program in 2019.

Joel Creasey said, “Naturally when you think of a logical replacement for Marty Sheargold you go ‘Joel Creasey’. As a fan of the show I’m not entirely sure what the team do all day… but it sounds so much fun and I want in. I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the national drive show alongside Kate and Tim, who I’ve shared many a beverage with over the years. After over 10 years of big hair and colourful suits on TV, I’m excited for people to get to know another side of me… unfiltered, unvarnished and on air across the country five days a week…what could go wrong? But having appeared on Neighbours upwards of four times it’s not only given me the confidence to achieve anything, but I’m also excited for Kate and I to discuss our illustrious soap careers. I might even teach her a thing or two!”

Having started stand up in Perth, WA at age 15, Joel Creasey is one of Australia’s most popular and charmingly controversial comedians and presenters. Having just turned 30, Joel has had multiple sell out tours of Australia, Asia, London and New York after cutting his teeth touring as support act to the legendary Joan Rivers who referred to him as “a f**king star”. He has stand up specials on Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as on Channel 10 and annually appears on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala.

For the last four years Joel has held the prestigious position of Australian host and commentator of Eurovision Song Contest as well as helming the Sydney Mardi Gras TV broadcast. He’s hosted dating phenomenon Take Me Out, appears on panel shows from Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation to Spicks and Specks, is a regular ‘funnies chair’ host on The Project and who could forget Joel’s time in the African jungle on the very first season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! where he bitched and moaned his way to the finals.

Kate Ritchie said, “It’s kind of embarrassing for Joel that he felt the need to join our show permanently, if all he was looking for was yet another attempt at Quick Draw. I’ve loved beating him, and he’s always been an okay guest, so Tim and I would have welcomed him back in a heartbeat, albeit briefly. In all honesty though…we are looking forward to having him join the team!”

Tim Blackwell said, “I’ve known Joel for years and have no doubt he’ll fit in seamlessly with Kate and I. I’ll just have to make sure I run him through some of the FM radio basics before our first show… For example: DJ Khaled and Khalid are not the same person. Nova’s Red Room isn’t a nightclub and you must be able to go to the toilet and back during an Ariana Grande song. Nail these basics and there will be no stopping us!”

Joel Creasey will replace Marty Sheargold, who will depart Nova on 11 September after 10 years with the network. Joel will be heard alongside Kate Ritchie and Tim Blackwell as Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel national drive show, 3pm to 6pm weekdays, from Monday 14 September.

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