Joe Jonas pops in to KIIS’ Will & Woody show to test his canned drink sound knowledge

Will & Woody

Jonas played the duos “Can You Hear It” segment on their drive show

On Thursday, July 13, the KIIS Network’s Will & Woody interviewed superstar Joe Jonas after he hit the show up and asked to be a part of their Can You Hear It segment. 

Jonas stumbled upon the duo’s game called “Can You Hear It,” which tests people’s ability to differentiate between the sound of a can of beer popping and a can of soft drink popping. After finding a video of the segment on TikTok, Joe became desperate to play and reached out to the show’s DMs for a chance to prove his expertise in fizzy drinks. 

The highest score achieved so far has been 5 out of 5, but Joe aimed to set a new record by going for a perfect score of 6 out of 6. He even made a bet with Will & Woody that if he got all six cans correct, the duo would be opening for the Jonas Brothers when they tour in the next year. 

Joe Jonas x Will & Woody

Joe Jonas winning the game

Jonas ended up getting 6 correct and also challenged one of his brothers and Niall Horan to take part in the game. 

“I saw a lot of videos come across my TikTok and either I like soft drinks or I like beer a lot, so my algorithm is just lined up and I miss Australia so it was inevitable this was going to happen,” he said.

“I’m going into this humbly. I’ve drank a lot of soft drink in my life thus far in the young age of 33. I’ve also had quite a few adult beverages. I can hear that frothy sound that is a little frothier than a soft drink. Let’s see what happens.

“If I win, Will & Woody will be performing on-stage, playing a song or two of my choosing for the Australian audience when we perform there maybe sometime in the next 6-12 months. And wardrobe of my choosing of course. If I lose, we’ll throw a baller BBQ together and I will bring my credit card.

“I would like to thank Will & Woody for having me on, I’d like to thank soft drinks and adult beverages for being there for me when I needed a cold refreshing drink. It feels good to be the people’s champ. I hope I get some sort of trophy soon from you guys, whether that’s in person when I see you because Will & Woody will actually be opening up for the Jonas Brothers when we perform in Australia. Two songs of my choosing and wardrobe of my choosing, you don’t want to miss that show.”

Listen to the audio of Jonas winning here.

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