JCDecaux partners with Scope3 to launch carbon emissions measurement for OOH

JCDecaux x Scope3

Alexandra Heaven: “We recognise the urgent need to address emissions in the media and advertising industry”

JCDecaux Australia and New Zealand has partnered with Scope3 to measure and report the carbon footprint of media and advertising.

The collaboration will introduce outof-home advertising into the emissions footprint tool for the first time, enhancing transparency for the channel and empowering media buyers to make more sustainable choices.

The out-of-home media company is the first local outof-home business to participate in the Scope3 tool, marking the business’ commitment to transparency and emissions reduction as the way forward.

Alexandra Heaven, head of ESG at JCDecaux, said that JCDecaux’s partnership with Scope3 highlights their commitment to sustainability and dedication to transparency. She also note that it will focus on science-based net-zero targets rather than chasing carbon neutrality.

“We recognise the urgent need to address emissions in the media and advertising industry, and the first step towards achieving this is understanding the data. JCDecaux’s partnership with Scope3 provides transparency on media emissions for campaigns and enables media agencies to support their clients in making greener choices.”

The Scope3 tool enables media buyers to assess the carbon emissions footprint of the media platforms and vendors they choose to work with. By integrating OutofHome advertising into this platform, media buyers will have access to emissions data for a wider range of media options, facilitating more informed and sustainable decisions, and representing a significant milestone for the industry on a global scale.

June Cheung, head of JAPAC at Scope3, said: “We are excited to work with JCDecaux, a company committed to sustainability and transparency. This collaboration will serve as a model for the industry, fostering greater accountability and environmental responsibility.”

Heaven added: “We are pleased to have OutofHome included in the Scope3 tool, which already exists for digital media. We are ambitious about the role we can play in driving greater change across our industry and look forward to working with like-minded partners in this space.”

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