Jasmin Bedir: Where are the real pilots?

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Resist the AI conferences: “By all means, buy a ticket … but don’t expect wisdom for yourself or your staff.”

By Jasmin Bedir, CEO at Innocean

If you have read some of my AI articles here before, you already know how I feel about the myriad of third party tools popping up every day in our inboxes.

They all sound so enticing, the solution we’ve all been waiting for to be on the “cutting edge” of media and marketing – and oh hey, look, there is an AI conference for us all just in time to learn more about them.

I know we are all looking for answers, and don’t we all love a good marketing conference, which for time-poor people is still the go-to method for learning and networking. Those events are always fun. I’m not judging you – I’m a regular there too. 

But it’s not where we should get our information from when it comes to AI, in particular not when said conferences are actually sponsored by the AI startups with their third-party tools. So resist, my friends – by all means, buy a ticket to that conference, but don’t expect wisdom for yourself or your staff.

As a matter of fact, stop listening to the talking heads. Say bye-bye to the knowledge workers and super charming sales execs and their super polished gimmicks.

These guys don’t have the answers we’re all looking for – they are mere passengers like the rest of us. But unlike you and I, these guys are more like a Frank Abagnale and what we really need are actual pilots.

Yes pilots, in the literal sense – ‘project pilots’ that will help you uncover a myriad of real-time business issues in compliance and governance, and won’t require you to write large cheques for tools that aren’t even your own. You can do them yourselves, in your business, right now.

But also keep an eye out for the real pilots who know where we should be going. Hint: they are not spouting their wisdom in LinkedIn posts, and they don’t work in marketing.  Yes, AI is complex, but you don’t have to have a PhD to understand the basics, and the lovely people at CSIRO have made it easy for us mere mortals to skill up.

So let’s go and ask the real questions, look behind the curtain, and get on the actual tools.

Or if it helps you, let’s pretend you’re the actual pilot and need to steer this plane.

You know, just like in Catch Me If You Can.

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