Pacific’s fashion brand InStyle unveils a new premium digital experience

‘It’s the perfect time to bring our growing online audience a more premium look and feel.’

Pacific’s InStyle has unveiled a new premium digital experience, with a new look and feel, responsive layouts and a simplified content journey.

Will Everitt, head of product and technology, comments: “We gave ourselves the task to better translate InStyle’s bold, clean and sophisticated print brand aesthetic to its digital versions.

“As a result, the entire site has been re-engineered with new typography, a stronger colour palette, less clutter and a focus on serving our users the most engaging content in the smartest way possible.”

The new digital experience includes a new customised Women of Style vertical with the addition of a hero video module.

Emily Taylor, editor, InStyle, says: “Our new, clean digital experience enables better storytelling with simple, on-brand visuals and less distractions while native styling and contextually relevant integration offer our commercial partners maximum value and engagement within our brand-safe environment.

“It’s the perfect time to bring our growing online audience a more premium look and feel that better aligns the experience of brand across platforms.”

Design thinking heavily influences the development and UX of the site, with a view to enhance performance while data guides usability improvements with A/B and multivariate testing to assess user engagement and behaviour.

Will Everitt adds: “In the lead-up to launch, countless hours have been spent testing, analysing data, wireframing and prototyping to improve and simplify the way a user enjoys relevant and engaging content.

“Throughout the site everything has been made clicky, sticky and, now, zippy with optimised page load speed. This meant we had to declutter and intelligently reprioritise to develop a more intuitive navigation to allow users to explore content rapidly.”

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