Year In Review: Instagram looks back at the trends that shaped 2022 and reveal upcoming trends


The report also revealed the key trends and most tagged locations of 2022 from Australians

Instagram has released its trends for 2022 according to Gen Z, revealing the key trends and most tagged locations of 2022 from Australians, and showcasing the upcoming trends that will shape culture in 2023.

The data, reveals that Melbourne is officially crowned as Australia’s most tagged location of 2022 and snagged the top spot in the locally trending hashtags this year.

Sydney has remained a favourite among locals and travellers alike, with Sydney Opera House taking out the top spot for the most tagged Aussie Icon, while Bondi Beach claims the most tagged/Instagrammed beach followed closely by Airlie Beach, and Manly Beach.

When it comes to curating the perfect caption, Aussies were clearly feeling the love this year, as the top emoji used by Australian Gen-Zs was the wholesome red heart , and the top Aussie-centric emoji across was the Australian Flag .

From redefining fashion to tackling financial independence, Instagram’s future-focused audiences are curating the reality they want to live in.

As part of the new report, Instagram has tapped the minds of Gen-Z to learn more about the rising Instagram trends across categories including music, fashion, creators and celebs, beauty, social justice, and so much more.

Gen Zs were asked to sum up 2023 in one word, with Healing, Energised, and Main Character Energy as the top responses.

Naomi Shepherd, Group Industry Director at Meta said: “Australians love Instagram, and the 2022 Gen Z trends data shows that Instagram continues to be the place where culture is created, and trends take off. 2022 was a year where Australians inspired their communities, shaped trends, shared their creativity and grew their audiences on Instagram. Australians continue to pave the way globally for new territories of expression and cultural curation.”

However, according to Instagram’s 2023 Global Trend Reports, these are the issues and trends that will inform the social’s platform:

● As climate concerns rise, Gen Z creatives plan to take fashion into their own hands. Sustainability is a key issue for Gen Z, with more than half of Gen Z respondents said they plan to DIY their clothes in 2023.

● Gen Z is an activist generation, and a majority of youth will shop to support causes they care about. In 2023, more members of Gen Z will use their dollars to support causes and communities. While 30% of Gen Z is old enough to vote, teens use platforms like Instagram to vote with their wallets.

● Beauty and skincare to become the forefront over filters. More Gen Z consumers are likely to use makeup to express their personality than augment their feeling of beauty. Expect to see Gen Z wear experimental and expressive makeup looks wherever they’re comfortable. 2 out of 3 Gen Z shoppers plan to buy skincare or beauty products that protect against extreme weather and sun

Virtual influencers on the rise as the metaverse evolves. Over half of Gen Z social media users plan to get fashion or beauty inspiration from digital avatars or influencers in 2023. 67% of Gen Z users feel avatars should better reflect diverse body types, clothing, and skin tones in the coming year.


Top 5 emojis:
Top 5 Aussie emojis:

Most tagged Aussie Most tagged Beach:
1. Bondi Beach
2. Airlie Beach
3. Manly Beach

Most tagged Cities:
1. Melbourne
2. Sydney
3. Brisbane
4. Perth
5. Gold Coast 

Top Aussie Song used in Reels:
Hollow Coves, Coastline

Top Songs used in Reels:
1. Harry Styles – As It Was
2. FETISH – Come Check This
3. Danger Twins – Thing of Beauty
4. Sage The Gemini – Tick Tick Boom (feat. BygTwo3)
5. Surfaces, with salem ilese – Come With Me

Top trending hashtags:

Top AR Effects:

2. Escaping Winter
3. Bad cats (2f)  
4. Сияй
5. now 2.0

Top Add Yours stickers:
1. October dump
2. someone the universe knew u needed
3. august dump
4. september dump so far w/ no context
5. top 6 favourite moments from this year

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