Indago Digital welcomes three new client wins to its roster

Indago Digital

• “It can take several years to convert a contact into a client, but we go the distance”

Indago Digital has welcomed three new client wins to the independent media agency.

The clients are profit-for-purpose travel park organisation Reflections Holiday Parks; Australia’s largest medical and homecare equipment supplier, Independent Living Specialists; and flexhive by Hudson, an on-demand tech platform that matches pre-qualified ready-to-work talent pools with flexible jobs.

The agency noted that they are reaping the benefits of its commitment to relationship building in an industry where responding to requests for proposals is becoming an inefficient way to secure new business.

The 2021 OUCH Survey! found that the average agency invested $115,000 in unbilled pitch hours before winning any new business.

Gary Nissim, Indago’s digital managing director, said: “By demonstrating commitment and energy, a willingness to help and educate, consistently delivering results and acting like a strategic partner, rather than a service, we’ve been able to grow the business as much – if not more – on referrals, recommendations, and maintaining contact with past clients and lost opportunities than by entering in to the RFP process.

“It can take several years to convert a contact into a client, but we go the distance with the clients and account we believe we can add value to and it’s been critical to our ability to drive sustainable growth,” he added.

Reflections Holiday Parks was a referral from a partner agency and flexhive is a new offering from an existing client relationship.
Nissim and his team maintained contact with their connection at Independent Living Specialists over time and have gone on to work with her in her new role.
Peter Chapman
, general manager marketing and sales, Reflections Holiday Parks, said: “Reflections is a profit-for-purpose business with values that are deeply rooted in environmental protection. We started with digital paid media based on a referral and we have since moved onto other services, including web design and development.
“We chose Indago for their ability to support us on our journey to becoming B Corp Certified, and to build websites that are not only functional with great UX but also environmentally friendly.”
David Fraser
, director – growth marketing flexhive by Hudson, said: “Within the hyper competitive environment our business plays in, we needed to align with a partner that understands the nuances of our market. Fortunately for us, Indago has experience across multinational recruitment companies, as well as smaller local and vertical-specific recruiters.  Being a Google Premier Partner also made them the perfect fit.”
Cassandra Brill
, head of marketing Independent Living Specialists, said: “We were looking for market-leading expertise in SEO and Indago demonstrated well-rounded SEO capabilities and a smart approach to data. We were confident they could provide actionable insights to drive both quick wins and long-term growth.”
The three new clients join P&N Bank, Travelex, Okta, AAT Kings, Smart Group and Indago Digital’s growing stable of clients across a variety of industries.
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Top image: Gary Nissim

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