In Pictures: Paramount Melbourne Upfront

The event was held at The Beverly in South Yarra

On Friday, October 27, Paramount held their Upfront in Melbourne at The Beverly in South Yarra. 

Paramount also held its Sydney Upfront this week and made a series of major announcements at the event. Mediaweek caught up with Paramount ANZ’s SVP content and programming, Daniel Monaghan and chief sales officer, Rod Prosser to discuss all the announcements. 


Paramount Upfront Melbourne: Grant Denyer, Daniel Monaghan, Melissa Leong, Robert Irwin, Julia Morris, Rod Prosser,Jarrod Villani


Paramount Upfront Melbourne: Jennifer Keyte, Julia Morris, Robert Irwin, Grant Denyer, Melissa Leong, Georgie Tunny, Waleed Aly, Sarah Harris

In a slate full of new and returning shows, one of the highlights is the local production of the Top Gear franchise starring Blair Joscelyne, Beau Ryan, and Jonathan LaPaglia.

Monaghan: “Top Gear is a Paramount+ premiere. It’s obviously a global franchise, it’s been running in the UK for many years. It’s hugely, hugely popular with an audience that is hugely loyal.

“In terms of commissioning it for Australia, we’ve commissioned a version that is shot in-studio here but it’s global in its travel and global in its appeal – where they go, what cars they drive. That was really important because we wanted to make a big buzzy version, not just a localised one set in one city. It’s going to look really premium, and the aim is to drive people to Paramount+ to watch it.”


Sarah Harris, Georgie Tunny and Waleed Aly

Monaghan said that the commissioning of Top Gear reflects the wider work that Paramount does when looking for new shows to bring Australians.

“That is the philosophy of Paramount+ and 10 as well – we are populist, we want big broad audiences watching our shows. You’ll see that from our commissions on Paramount+, NCIS Sydney and things like Last King of the Cross. We take brands, we take IP, we take large talent, and our aim is to reach as many people as possible.”

Robert Irwin and Julia Morris

Grant Denyer

Melissa Leong

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