I’m a Celebrity’s Candice Warner on ‘life-changing’ experience in the jungle

Candice Warner

“I now have a better understanding of him [David] and what he’s been through.”

Candice Warner has become the second celebrity to be evicted from the I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here 2024 jungle, in an experience she has called “life-changing”.

Speaking to Chattr post-elimination, the 39-year-old revealed how she would be implementing changes upon her return home.

“There is a lot of time to reflect [in the jungle] and you do reflect on your life. How you could have changed things,” she said.

“How you could have approached things differently. What kind of parent am I? What kind of parent do I want to become? Am I a good wife and the daughter that I want to be to my parents? I mean, there’s so much downtime in the jungle that these are all the things that you reflect on.”

Warner’s time in the jungle also gave her the chance to look at her life, particularly focusing on the “sacrifices” her cricketer husband David Warner had made for their family.

Candice Warner

“I now know how he [David] feels when he’s on tour,” she said, adding that he “misses out” on a lot of things.

“I now have a better understanding of him and what he’s been through.

“I can now understand how he really feels and now, I might work things differently or make him feel much more included. I really hope that I can walk away from this jungle and implement some great changes in my life and I’m really looking forward to getting back and just being a better person.”

Warner also admitted she will miss life in the jungle, the friends she made, and the fireside chats.

“The conversations were quite wild and sometimes confronting,” she said before calling her exit “bittersweet”.

“You do really want to stay in and you really want to do well for your charity.”

Candice Warner’s charity, Dolly’s Dream, highlights the importance of protecting youth from bullying.

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