I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out of Here! Tom Williams faces his fear factor

• Williams had to face his very real fear of snakes head-on

They say grown men don’t cry… but on tonight’s nail-biting episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, Tom William’s eyelids were filled to the absolute brim.

From dancing his way to victory on Dancing With The Stars, to switching from the small screen to a career in real estate, Williams has always pushed himself out of his comfort zone.

But nothing could prepare him for tonight’s terrifying trial, Bad Breath, where he had to face his very real, and very deep-seated, fear of snakes head-on.

Swimming through a tunnel tank filled with water, Williams breezed through getting eight stars hidden within boxes filled with maggots, worms, and even baby crocodiles. But leaving the worst til last, Tom contemplated backing-out from reaching inside a snake-filled box.

Visibly distressed but equally as determined, ophiophobic Williams pushed past his python panic to get the final five stars for camp.

Magician Cosentino received a warm welcome into camp, but an unfiltered Erin Barnett wasted no time in reminding him of their previous encounter.

According to Barnett, Cosentino was less-then-impressed to pose for a picture with her when she attended one of his past shows.

The welcoming party for the newbie was short-lived, with Cosentino forced to make a difficult decision.

Granted with the power to choose one campmate to become the master and the other to become the minion, Cosentino made the gracious decision to be the camp slave. With his remarkable effort in blitzing tonight’s trial, Cos chose Tom Williams to engage in a night of lavish luxury.

From a deluxe bed, to a menu filled with delicious treats, all of Williams requests were at the beck and call of Cosentino.

One person excited by the new arrival was Charlotte Crosby, who considers herself as a bit of a spiritual chick. Bonding over their shared love of the universe, Crosby thought Cosentino put the cos is cosmic.

And speaking of Crosby, it seems like her head is a bit of a mess. And that’s not just because her extensions need a wash.

Torn between the pressure for her relationship to succeed and the reality of the situation they were living in, Crosby told Ryan Gallagher she needed to take things slow.

Also opening-up were AFL legends Billy Brownless and Dale Thomas, who became the first two guests in Tanya Hennessy’s jungle podcast.  

Speaking to the former radio host, the pair delved into the deepest and darkness moments in their careers and personal lives.

For Brownless, it was his highly-publicised split from his ex-wife that saw him homeless. And for Thomas, it was trying to juggle being a professional sportsman and a good partner and father.

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