IAB Australia launch free training program for advertisers

IAB Australia

• The Ad Effectiveness Fundamentals program is free and available online

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Australia has launched its IAB Ad Effectiveness Fundamentals training program.

The program is designed to help brand marketers understand commonly used methodologies, and provide an overview of emerging techniques for evaluating advertising, including neuroscience and attention measurement.

The free online training program allows participants to work through the curriculum at their own pace and complete an assessment to receive certification.

The training program, developed by the IAB Australia Ad Effectiveness Council as part of the IAB Australia Training and Development initiative, distills considerable industry knowledge and best practice into an easy to digest format.

It includes six modules that cover the principles of advertising effectiveness, how to prepare for measurement success, understanding experimental design, market mix modelling and attribution, and an overview of emerging technologies.

Natalie Stanbury, research director of IAB Australia, noted that the training will help marketers prepare for sustainable and successful measurement into the future.

She said: “Advertisers’ measurement toolkits will soon need to be adjusted for increased consumer privacy expectations and in response to the retirement of third-party cookies.

“This will make it even more complex for marketers seeking to back their marketing strategy with data and evidence to demonstrate the value of their marketing investments,” Stanbury added.

This training program will provide the essential foundations to up-skill anyone that is responsible for understanding and demonstrating the success of advertising campaigns.

The IAB Ad Effectiveness Council established in 2017 provides guidance to the industry on the best methods to assess the impact of marketing activities along with insight and inspiration to help marketers optimise their digital advertising investment.

The council includes 25 representatives from a diverse range of companies across the industry including media owners, data agencies, media agencies, research companies, technology companies and advertisers.

The IAB Australia is the peak trade association for digital advertising in Australia, and globally it is the leading trade association for developing digital advertising technical standards and best practice.

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