How Bondi Rescue highlights the ‘relatable heroes that save lives’

Bondi Rescue

“No other beach in Australia can give you never-ending stories the way Bondi Beach does.”

Bondi Rescue is diving into its 18th season and for executive producer at Paramount ANZ, Ciaran Flannery, it’s the “hero” lifeguards of the famous beach that has kept the show so popular amongst audiences for close to two decades. 

“There’s other observational documentaries that follow other heroes like paramedics or police officers, but there’s something about the beach that is so relatable to Australians,” Flannery told Mediaweek

“When you see a resuscitation taking place on the sand as you do in this new season, with three or four lifeguards keeping a human alive with a crowd surrounding them, there’s a relatability and a shock value to that which I think can’t be recreated with any other setting or observational program.

“No other beach in Australia can give you never-ending stories the way Bondi Beach does. You would think 18 seasons in you’ve seen it all, but it’s just not the case.”

Ciaran Flannery, Executive Producer, Paramount ANZ

Also speaking to Mediaweek, Ben Davies, executive producer & creator of Bondi Rescue and Michael Cordell, creative director and co-founder of CJZ agreed that they have both worked hard to fine-tune the tone of the show.

“The tone comes down to having a larikin spirit combined with extraordinary bravery,” Davies said.

“Our cast of characters, are real-life people and lifeguards, and you see them week after week and learn about them as characters, but you also see their personalities, their own character and sense of humour. 

“That side-by-side with the bravery on an iconic beach is a great perk.”

Bondi Rescue

Ben Davies and Michael Cordell

Cordell expressed that for Davies and himself, there’s also a very deep personal connection.

“We both grew up learning to surf at Bondi. The first time I took a surfboard down at Bondi, I lost it and got rescued by another surfer and learned quickly about how dangerous the surf could be,” he said.

“We are passionate about Bondi, and because of that, we feel a duty to make a show that is authentic, and true to the beach and the stories that come out of it.

Cordell teased that people can expect “lots of emotion” from the new season, and has also teased that the season will showcase the “busiest summer in a decade” for the Bondi lifeguards.

Veteran lifeguard Hoppo is returning, and one day showcased in the new season will go down in history as the lifeguards tally up 123 rescues.

Other incidents include the lifeguards tackling a dramatic resuscitation, a derp fin chop that threatens to be fatal, a serious neck injury, and a deadly blue-ringed octopus in the kids’ pool.

Bondi Rescue is produced by CJZ for Network 10. 

Bondi Rescue premieres Wednesday, 10 July at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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