Gina Rinehart tops BRW’s Rich List

BRW Rich List: Five old media people make the Top 200 – aged between 73 and 91

Gina Rinehart remains the richest Australian, topping the 2015 BRW Rich 200 list.

This is the 5th consecutive year Rinehart tops the list, though her wealth falls by $5.99 billion. #2 is Anthony Pratt and family, and #3 is Harry Triguboff. Pratt and Triguboff’s wealth both break through the $10 billion mark for the first time.

Total wealth of the BRW Rich 200 list is up $16.81 billion to $193.61 billion.

The average wealth per person on the BRW Rich 200 list rises to $974 million, up from $968 million last year.

There are 19 new names on the list this year, and 10 new billionaires.

The 49 billionaires on this year’s list is record number.

Some of the people who dropped off the 2015 BRW Rich 200 list did so because they were unable to reach the record $286 million cut-off, which is up $36 million on last year.

There are 17 women on the 2015 BRW Rich 200 list, compared with 14 last year

There are five female billionaires.

Media people on the list:

16. Kerry Stokes $2.11 billion
2014: $2.22b (14)
Age: 74, Perth

45. Bruce Gordon $1.06 billion
2014: $1.10b (34)
Age: 86, Bermuda, Wollongong

59. Reg Grundy $809 million
2014: $764m (57)
Age: 91, Sutton Forest, NSW

142 John Singleton $401 million
2014: $370m (131)
Age: 73, Sydney

161. Harold Mitchell $362 million
2014: $375m (126)
Age: 73, Melbourne

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