Gillette sponsors sports on APN Outdoor’s XtrackTV

XtrackTV was launched in 2015 and has quickly become a key component of many outdoor campaigns

APN Outdoor has partnered with Gillette to bring live sports content into the daily commute across key rail stations in Sydney and Melbourne through their digital outdoor platform XtrackTV.

Gillette’s newest product, Gillette Proshield, is topping and tailing the sports updates on XtrackTV across Sydney and Melbourne.

In addition Gillette has also utilised the more traditional rail format, static Cross Track Posters, to engage the commuter and further drive brand awareness to educate the audience about the intricacies of this new product.

Gillette’s presence in the rail environment has been making an impact on consumers since late 2016 and will continue to engage throughout 2017. The long-term content presence is indicative of great things to come in the rail environment with further content opportunities in the pipeline.

XtrackTV was launched in 2015 and has quickly become a key component of many digital outdoor campaigns.

Richard Herring, APN Outdoor’s CEO, said: “The ability to provide an advertising platform aligned with high-quality content in a captive environment is something XtrackTV really does better than anything else. In the coming months, the content opportunities in this space are set for further transformation and as technology continues to improve and our footprint grows, the opportunities are truly exciting.”

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