Radio Ratings 1 2018 – Melbourne: 3AW and Fox FM the AM and FM market leaders

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at the first radio ratings survey for 2018 in the Melbourne market.

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at the first radio ratings survey for 2018 in the Melbourne market.

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• 3AW and Fox FM the AM and FM market leaders
• 3AW loses share in Neil Mitchell and Steve Price evenings
• Fox breakfast blitzes the FM market with Fifi, Fev & Byron up 3.3
• New look SEN 1116 drops with biggest decline in morning & afternoon
• New look KIIS 101.1 sees share drop for new breakfast and drive
• New ABC Melbourne breakfast with Jacinta and Sami sheds share
• FM drive battle: Hughesy & Kate build Fox lead, smoothfm #2

3AW 13.2%

Breakfast with Ross and John, the highest-rating metro breakfast show, won its 130th consecutive survey – its 209th overall win. Despite dropping 2.7, Neil Mitchell remains the king of mornings as he won survey #179. Good 10+ shares also for Denis Walter and Tom Elliott while Nightline with Phil and Simon had a remarkable 26% share. The demos are unbeatable too with 40-54 up 2.5 to 10.5% while 3AW holds 21.8% 55-64. One of the biggest corrections you will ever see was 3AW’s 65+ share dropping 11.1 to 28.1%. But get this, 3AW still leads its nearest rival by over nine points.

101.1 Fox FM 10.8%

Fantastic survey from Fox with the station up 2.4 with its best 10+ figure in over two years. The station also has a massive cume and the single biggest radio audience with 1.2m. Breakfast with Fifi, Fev and Byron did 10.3%, up 3.3 this survey to again be #1 FM with the station’s best result in over two years. Afternoon had a massive result too with share up 3.5 to 13.7% where Aaron Rich hosts until 3pm before Carrie and Tommy take over. And check this demo move – share 18-24 lifted 10.8 to 27.2%! Drive, now with Hughesy and Kate, took off too with share up 1.7 to 12.7% making them more popular than Hamish and Andy.

smoothfm 91.5 10.3%

The second-best share ever for the station with growth this survey in all dayparts. Breakfast with Mike Perso and Jennifer Hansen lifted 2.5 to 7.8%, which is their equal best. Strong demo growth where it matters – 40-54 +2.9 to 10.3%, 55-64 +2.8 to 14.9% and 65+ up 4.6 to 13.3%.

Gold 104.3 9.7%

The station without a breakfast show remarkably managed to hold onto share very well. Share was only down 0.1 ahead of the arrival of Christian O’Connell on June 4. Breakfast share was steady on 7.4% without Jo and Lehmo while morning and afternoon dayparts were both up over 1.0. Gold remains strongest 55-64 where share was up 2.2 to 13.7% where it remains #2 FM trailing smoothfm.

105.1 Triple M 7.4%

Nice recovery under way here with the best station share since survey 7, 2016. The good times have been driven by Jane Kennedy and Mick Molloy with their drive share up 2.2 to 8.7%, where they are a whisker away from #2 FM drive. The Hot Breakfast is also gaining momentum since the arrival of Wil Anderson with share up 0.3 to 7.9%. Share lifted 25-39 and 55-64.

Nova 100 7.0%

Overall share was lower by 1.0 although breakfast with Chrissie, Sam and Browny posted its highest-ever share of 8.4%. The breakfast cume also climbed 11,000. The rest of the day – not so good. All dayparts dropped with evening coming off the most – down 2.4. Kate, Tim and Marty have dropped from #1 FM at the end of 2017 to be equal #3 alongside Kennedy Molloy. Under 40 share was stable (if we disregard 10-17!), yet share was down 2.8 to 6.6% 40-54.

KIIS 101.1 5.7%

With the station turned upside down, there is no surprise to see a lot of listeners checking out. The station share is the lowest since survey 6, 2016 while the new breakfast share with Jase and PJ of 5.1% is the lowest since survey 4, 2016 when the station disappeared under 5% for one survey. All dayparts took a hit including drive, although despite share dropping 2.0 to 7.4%, Wil and Woody are the station’s best performing program. The demos? All down.

SEN 2.7%

Tough first book for the new managers with all dayparts down with the exception of evening. Breakfast with Garry and Tim was down 0.7 from how they ended 2017 while the new morning show with Gerard Whateley was down 1.3 to 3.1% from KB’s last morning programs. Meanwhile the new KB and Doc drive show was down 0.4 to 3.1%. The station did record a growing cume audience.

New managing director Craig Hutchison remains upbeat though. In a statement he said:

“It’s early days for us but what we’ve achieved in an incredibly short space of time should signal to our listeners and brand partners that the future of 1116 SEN is really bright.

“We’ve secured some of sport’s biggest names including the most-acclaimed sports broadcaster in the country in Gerard Whateley; we’ve taken listeners to the Super Bowl in an Australian-first radio live broadcast; and we’re currently broadcasting the highly anticipated four-test series between Australia and South Africa following a broadcast rights deal secured with Cricket South Africa.

“We’re forging a new path and trialing new things with the commitment that there will be something for all sports fans in the new 1116 SEN world.”

Talking Lifestyle 1278 0.2%

Faced with a share this small, management had no option other than to abandon ship. Will sport do any better? Will Macquarie somehow partner with Crocmedia? Questions that will be answered soon.

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