News Corp: George Calombaris on team of new delicious. travel section

“It’s spiritual for me; a place that gets under my skin.”

In his first column as the delicious. travel-editor-at-large, George Calombaris celebrates the Greek capital’s renaissance:

I can’t explain it. It’s spiritual for me; a place that gets under my skin. But you never come here, because you have no reason to – you only stop over en route to a Mykonos beach party. Peeps, stop and stay a while. Athens is back, and back in a big way! They say pressure makes diamonds and this city currently is, and has been before, a polished diamond. Yes, Athens is still going through tough times economically. However, through adversity comes opportunity.

The city is buzzing. The Greek youth have had enough and are now upstanding. Areas throughout this city are coming alive, from the art culture right through to my favourite, the food culture. Some of the coolest young chefs have opened amazing eateries and the bars are mind-blowing. Don’t be afraid to walk; Athens is awesome on foot. And please do me a favour: when you’re standing at the foot of the Acropolis, remember that it was built mid-5th-century BC. Well before you and I were born, as well as our great, great, great grandparents.

Check out the brand’s new travel vertical here.

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