Foxcatcher and inMobi partner to enhance media planning and activation

Foxcatcher x inMobi

“The partnership will deliver exceptional audience insights and marketing outcomes.”

Foxcatcher, RyanCap’s data and technology specialist, has partnered with InMobi to refine media planning and activation with an SPO and audience match integration.

The collaboration leverages extensive strategic data alliances and first-party audience data powered by Foxcatcher’s proprietary tools, FoxID and Worldview, and supported by InMobi’s always-on audience segments.

Varun John, Foxcatcher’s general manager of commercial and investment, said: “We are excited to collaborate with the InMobi team to empower brands to leverage their own audience data for campaign planning, targeting, and analysis.

“With mobile devices being an all-day companion, the partnership offers brands a distinct advantage in comprehending customer journeys and consumer behaviour.”

The partnership aims to unlock insights for campaign delivery and engagement, which then enhance future campaigns. Following the successful beta testing phase, the partners have identified a substantial audience match rate.

Advertisers can devise campaigns tailored to segments and consumption behaviours closely aligned with their key audience and customers. 

Brands will also be able to minimise inefficiencies by engaging with specific customer cohorts that closely resonate with their offerings.

Lastly, they can leverage insights gleaned directly from their own customer base to inform and activate marketing strategies.

WorldView is a customer data platform (CDP) with a marketing focus, facilitating connections between brands, customers, and media through the FoxID identity solution. This solution operates without the need for collecting personal or sensitive information, ensuring data privacy, and enabling scalable activation.

Foxcatcher x inMobi

Jaclyn Hadida and Varun John

Jaclyn Hadida, InMobi’s country manager for ANZ, added: “We know that InMobi audience data can turbocharge brand campaign performance thanks to the power of our unique, always-on segments, which engage and activate engage with consumers.

“Together with Foxcatcher’s data capabilities, the partnership will deliver exceptional audience insights and marketing outcomes. We are excited to join hands with the Foxcatcher team to achieve this.”

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