Former News Corp strategy director Tom Pitney launches new AI agency


“AI should not be seen as a threat, but an instrument for process efficiency, creative augmentation, and quality improvement.”

Tom Pitney, the founder of youth media site Punkee and former strategy director at News Corp, has announced the birth of AirStack. The ‘AI agency’ is focused on empowering brands, marketing leaders, content & creative teams, and media agencies to harness emerging tech to work smarter, grow faster and accomplish more with less.

AirStack’s suite of services includes tailor-made AI Workshops to up-skill teams, strategic AI Growth Consulting, and an AI-Powered Creative Studio. Their aim is to partner with brands and agencies to improve their workflows, elevate their creativity and optimise brand experiences.

AirStack is launching with three product and service streams:

1. AI Workshops are specifically designed to equip teams with the skills necessary to steer the future impact of new tech on the industry. “Our aim is to bridge the gap between complex technology and its practical, profitable applications in the business and the skills needed within teams to get the most from it,” says Pitney.

2. AI Consulting Services aim to help brands map their use cases, set clear policies for their teams and establish a winning strategy to future-proof their competitive edge.

3. AI Creative Studio will pair human creativity and problem-solving with AI workflows and creative optimisation to help brands plan, create and optimise their content and creative more effectively.

Pitney stresses the importance of safeguarding businesses against the potential risks associated with the type of AI experimentation that’s already happening in teams.

This includes teams inadvertently training AI models on commercial IP, potentially breaching customer privacy laws or repurposing generative content that is unreliable, biased or infringes on copyright and trademarks. “This is a space where regulation is evolving, and leaders need to have a grasp on what their staff are doing, and set clear guidelines,”, says Pitney

However, Pitney emphasises, “AI should not be seen as a threat, but an instrument for process efficiency, creative augmentation, and quality improvement. When done right and tailored to connect with other systems and business knowledge, it can greatly increase capacity.”

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