Former Bullfrog partners launch ‘ideas clubhouse’ Pembleton

Former Bullfrog heads launch new venture, Pembleton

Hobba described the business as “a team of four senior people … working hand-in-hand with those closest to the business problem, on a project basis.”

Matilda Hobba, Simon Bagnasco, Alex Speakman, and Mac Wright have set up and launched Pembleton, dubbed an “ideas clubhouse”, after Bagnasco, Speakman, and Hobba left indie creative agency Bullfrog last month.

Speakman originally stayed on at Bullfrog in a reduced capacity, but has now left entirely.

Wright moves from his previous post as a senior creative at Saatchi & Saatchi. Prior to Bullfrog, Bagnasco and Speakman worked alongside Wright at Saatchi & Saatchi for seven years.

The group will aim to deliver creative and strategic work for all manner of brands and businesses, offering a flexible model in the wake of an increasing number of clients rejecting retainer models and brands bringing capabilities in-house.

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Pembleton group shot - Alex Speakman, Matilda Hobba, Mac Wright, Simon Bagnasco

Alex Speakman, Matilda Hobba, Mac Wright, and Simon Bagnasco

“We wanted to create a place where everything was stripped back; a team of four senior people, across three key disciplines, working hand-in-hand with those closest to the business problem, on a project basis,” Hobba said.

“A place where brands and brand custodians receive the creative and strategic focus they need, from experienced talent they know can deliver. All without layers or fluff.”

The four partners bring together strategic, creative, and project management experience to the venture, representing a collective portfolio of awarded work for brands including Toyota, Arnotts, Kmart, TAC, Mecca, and the Royal Australian Mint.

When Bagnasco, Speakman, and Hobba left Bullfrog last month, they said they were doing so to launch their own venture. All three had held the partner position for less than a year.

A spokesperson said Bullfrog had long been aware of Bagnasco, Speakman, and Hobba’s aspirations to start their own company and bring to life “a brilliant idea” they had nurtured for many years.

“We knew that when we brought them on board and have supported that passion over the last 12-months.

“They are going to pursue that now, but they leave on extremely good terms – in fact, Alex will be staying on with Bullfrog in a reduced capacity, that will give him the freedom and flexibility to make this idea a reality and continue to support our clients as he has done brilliantly over the last year.

“We genuinely wish them all the best and can’t wait to see them bring their passion to life.”

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