Facebook expands Audience Network offerings

Facebook expands ad types to Audience Network

Elsewhere in the social space, Facebook has announced a significant expansion to the available ad formats on its Audience Network by now offering native video, carousel ads and dynamic product ads to publishers.

•  Native video: Publishers can now bring the autoplay video ads experience from Facebook directly to their apps. Video demand will also compete with native display in the same auction to maximise yield for each impression served.

•  Dynamic Product Ads: This solution enables advertisers to create relevant and timely ads based on the products people have visited in their website or app. Retailers and e-commerce businesses with large product catalogues have seen success creating personalised ads for their shoppers on Facebook. Now their campaigns can extend to the Audience Network.

•  Carousel Ads: The carousel format gives advertisers more creative real estate in full screen interstitials to showcase compelling imagery for their mobile app. They can showcase up to five images within a single ad unit.

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