Everything you need to know about Big Brother 2023

Seven Network - Big Brother - Sonia Kruger

$100,000 is up for grabs

Big Brother Australia is set to return on Monday, November 6 at 7:30 pm for a new season packed with curveballs and twists. 

Fifteen new housemates are entering the house to play the game as each will try to get their hands on the $100,000 cash prize.

With a new look, keep an eye out for:

• Two sisters playing together as one housemate
• The King and Queen Suite: where two lovebirds can get up close and personal away from the other Housemates
• Host Sonia Kruger entering the Big Brother house for the first time ever, to deliver evictions
• Big Brother Uncut airing exclusively on 7plus: unblurred and uncensored, Big Brother Uncut showcases the funniest unseen moments of the week that are too explicit for television. 

Returning gameplay favourites:

• House Nominations: The Housemates will all have the power to nominate who they want to be up for eviction
• Secret Missions: Housemates may be asked by Big Brother to take part in secret tasks of his choosing
• Nominations Challenges: These challenges return with new gameplay as all housemates will compete and the winner will be safe from eviction and have the sole ability to nominate.
• Secret Rooms: Undisclosed elements of the House will throw everything into chaos.

Housemates will be cut off from the outside world in a custom-built house, fitted with over 80 cameras and microphones recording their every move for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When asked if she had any advice she would give to the Housemates entering the house this season, host Sonia Kruger said: “Prepare for the unexpected. Right from the very beginning Big Brother will throw a spanner in the works and the Housemates need to make game-changing decisions on arrival!”

Kruger also said that entering the house for every eviction has completely changed the dynamic of evictions.

“Sitting right in front of the Housemates, I can see the sideways glances and pick up on the nuances that I would otherwise miss. Let’s just say it’s an eye opener…especially when Big Brother confiscates their clothes,” she said.

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