Emotive announces strategic partnership with Tubular Labs

Emotive partnership with Tubular Labs to track video performance on 30+ platforms

New independent content marketing business Emotive has announced a strategic partnership with video intelligence service Tubular Labs.

Since Emotive launched in Australia nearly three months ago, it has delivered a new and more accountable model to the content marketing landscape. Key to this accountability is the audience guarantee, rejecting the notion that content marketing requires luck to reach an audience.

The Emotive model mixes deep audience research and development with innovative content strategy. This partnership with Tubular Labs is an integral part of its success.

Tubular Labs provides actionable insights based on the behaviour of over 200 million individual viewers and tracks video performance on more than 30 platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Vine. Tubular Labs is the only online video marketing platform with real-time, essential industry intelligence.

Through the Tubular platform, Emotive can provide data analytics and insights for brands through influencer identification, social listening, audience analysis, fan engagement analysis and brand competitor analysis.
Emotive’s strategic partnerships and audience director Jamie Crick said: “We are very excited to be partnering with Tubular. Robust, relevant and actionable data is key to the success of the Emotive model, fuelling both our content strategy and pinpoint amplification. This partnership with Tubular is indicative of Emotive’s commitment to putting real audience insights behind strategies that deliver content to people who we know will love it, find value in it and act on it.”

Tubular’s co-founder Allison Stern said: “Tubular’s mission is to empower video teams with the intelligence to create and distribute videos people love. Emotive’s mission is to deliver brands the most effective and loved content – and so we couldn’t be happier with the perfect alignment of this partnership. We’re excited to work together to help brands connect with audiences in Australia and globally.”
Source: Emotive

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