Eco-friendly bedding company Ecosa cuddles up with Half Dome

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Ecosa has appointed Half Dome to undertake full-service media support

Eco-friendly bedding company Ecosa has appointed independent media agency Half Dome to undertake full-service media support, leveraging the agency’s strategic expertise to augment Ecosa’s internal performance marketing team.

In this new partnership, Half Dome will develop and execute a comprehensive media strategy to support Ecosa’s growth plans, and the appointment reflects the agency’s commitment to evolution and growth away from being solely focused on digital media to a full service offering.

half dome

Ecosa was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating high-quality, eco-friendly bedding and offers a range of bedding products designed with a focus on sustainability and quality.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Ecosa to our growing roster of clients and our appointment demonstrates that our new ‘Whole Potential’ positioning is resonating,” said Joe Frazer, co-founder and head of growth of Half Dome. “Ecosa’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly bedding aligns perfectly with our agency’s values, and we’re excited to help them take their brand to the next level.”

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Ecosa head of brand, Rowena Graham, said the agency was a good fit from the start of discussions.

“As a sleep solution pure player in a competitive category, we relate to Half Dome’s strong digital credentials and challenger mindset. The team approached our brief holistically and with impressive evidence-based thinking. We look forward to drawing on Half Dome’s expertise to achieve greater reach and help the millions of people suffering from poor sleep,” she said.

Ecosa is a company that has earned a loyal following for its use of quality materials for its products, and its dedication to sustainable practices. With Half Dome’s media expertise, Ecosa aims to expand its reach and connect with more customers who are looking for eco-friendly bedding options.

Half Dome looks forward to working with Ecosa, along with recent client win Nectr energy.

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