Doug Mulray tributes: Friday becomes Triple M Mulray as industry remembers

Doug Mulray

“He didn’t push the boundaries of radio, he blew them up!”

The airwaves at Sydney’s Triple M Sydney were heavy with memories of a radio giant Doug Mulray today. The former Triple M Sydney breakfast host was celebrated not just at his radio home. But right across the radio dial.

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doug mulray

It was Triple M overnight host Luke Bona who first revealed the passing of the great broadcaster in the small hours of Friday morning.

At 2GB, breakfast host Ben Fordham started his show with memories of Mulray. “If there’s a radio station in heaven, they better get the dump button ready because Uncle Doug is coming,” said Fordham.

It was at Triple M though where current and no doubt an army of lapsed listeners turned this morning for memories of Mulray. The station didn’t disappoint.

Cat Lynch opened the Triple M Sydney breakfast show on a sombre note talking about the passing of the great man with one of the current custodians of the breakfast slot – Mark Geyer.

MG remembered how important Mulray was for people growing up in Sydney in the 1980s.

Then it wasn’t long before the station was pumping out one of Mulray’s chart classics – You Are Soul.

Triple M Sydney devoted its breakfast playlist to songs from the 80s.

One caller to Triple M summed up the Mulray impact succinctly: “‘He didn’t push the boundaries of radio, he blew them up!’

doug mulray

Just four months ago former Triple M producer Brenden Wood wrote about a recent Doug Mulray encounter:

“The crew from the early years at Triple M Sydney held their 40-year staff reunion at The Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay on Friday 4th November 2022 — delayed by two years due to COVID.

“My brother Robbie Wood and myself (representatives of the post-Rod Muir ownership era) managed to tag along for what was a fun event, excellently organised by former jocks Trevor Jackson and Sue Moses.

“Lots of familiar names were at the 2MMM reunion: Dave Gibson, Rob Duckworth, Ian Rogerson, Michael Andersen, Dave Carlson, Barbara Wilton, Rod Muir, Pete Armstrong, Michaela Carr, Laura Tchilinguirian, Gavin Morris, Mark Warren, Reggae Ellis, Richard Clapton, Alison Drower, Richard Goodridge, Tim Webster, Peter Switzer, Frank Vincent, Mike Drayson, Tim Sheridan, Rusty Graham, Reg Prasad, etc…

“Radio hall of famer, Doug Mulray, was a surprise attendee — well, at least it was a surprise to Robbie and I. He gave a wonderfully humorous and generous speech, speaking highly of the ’social glue’ — people like past staffers Sue and TJ who organise such events like staff reunions.”

Doug Mulray

Former Triple M announcer Rob Duckworth, rockstar Richard Clapton and radio hall of famer Doug Mulray. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

SCA CEO Grant Blackley said: “Our deepest sympathies to the family and friends on the passing of Uncle Doug. He was radio royalty and an absolute legend. He was instrumental in changing the face of radio on Triple M and became a household name. He was deeply opinionated, highly intelligent and one very cheeky bugger. Thank you Dougie for entertaining us and ensuring we never took life too seriously. We will miss you. Vale Doug Mulray.”

Triple M Sydney’s Mick Molloy said on air: “It is a terrible morning. A huge gaping hole has been left in the landscape of FM radio, particularly in Sydney where Doug Mulray ruled since 1982. He was the man, he was a legendary radio performer. For anyone in comedy, particularly going into radio, he was considered the biggest star in the firmament. He ruled Sydney radio for a long time.

“A lot of us who do this for a job owe him a great debt. He paved the way in many ways. He was like a god on the FM train, he worked at the station and just dominated it. He transformed Triple M Sydney, and his impact reverberated around Australia. This is an important passing, especially for people in our industry.”

Andrew Denton‘s full tribute to Mulray on Triple M Sydney’s Mick & MG show can be heard here.

“Doug was the apex predator of Australian radio comedy. No one was bigger, wilder, or more unpredictable. He brought joy into people’s lives which is still there 40 years later,“ Denton said.

“If the world was water, Doug was a giant Berocca.”

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