DoubleVerify unveils tiered ‘Made for Advertising’ brand suitability categories to maximise ad success


Mark Zagorski: “Our dual approach not only safeguards advertisers but also enhances media buying efficiency.”

DoubleVerify has introduced tiered “Made for Advertising” (MFA) brand suitability categories for pre-bid avoidance.

The first-to-market innovation complements DoubleVerify’s existing post-bid offering and will provide advertisers with a full spectrum solution to maximise ad effectiveness throughout the media transaction. 

CEO Mark Zagorski said as a result of AI-driven MFA content exploding over the last 12 months, it has created a new set of hazards for advertisers seeking quality media performance.

“The introduction of DoubleVerify’s tiered MFA brand suitability categories for both pre-bid avoidance and post-bid measurement offers global brands a unified, surgical solution to ensure campaigns are aligned with brand values from start to finish,” he said. 

“Our dual approach not only safeguards advertisers but also enhances media buying efficiency – ensuring brand safety and suitability criteria are applied at every stage of the media buying process.” 

DoubleVerify’s recently launched tiered MFA brand suitability categories are powered by a proprietary analysis process that combines human and AI-driven auditing to identify MFA sites accurately. The sites are then categorised based on a valuation of their ad monetisation strategies, traffic sources, and content creation practices.

Depending on the extent of MFA characteristics, sites are assigned to one of three suitability tiers:

  1. MFA High: Identifies sites exhibiting the most extreme MFA content or characteristics, including but not limited to significant ad density relative to page content, a predominant dependence on paid traffic sources with little to no organic traffic, and an average ad intensity.
  2. MFA Medium: Identifies sites with varying degrees of MFA behaviour. For example, a site might employ high ad density relative to page content, but the average ad intensity might be near the DoubleVerify benchmark. 
  3. MFA Low: Covers sites or sections with a blend of MFA and non-MFA content.

Jack Smith, chief innovation officer at DoubleVerify, said the company’s proprietary analysis process establishes a new industry benchmark in brand safety and suitability.

“It reflects our product mandate to verify everywhere and address new emerging threats online – ensuring DoubleVerify’s customers can safeguard their digital investments and maximise their campaign outcomes.”

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