DoubleVerify enters agreement to acquire Scibids Technology


The acquisition is looking to close in the third quarter

DoubleVerify has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Scibids Technology SAS, an AI-powered digital campaign company.

The acquisition lets the company combine its trusted media quality and performance data that includes viewability, contextual and attention signals, with Scibids’s proven AI technology and real-time optimisation algorithms.

The acquisition progresses DV from the realm of proxy for performance to actual ad KPI achievement and tangible business outcome – fully in line with advertiser goals.

“The acquisition of Scibids is a decisive step in our journey to power superior campaign outcomes that started with developing and delivering the industry standard in media quality insights and has evolved into putting that data to work for advertisers,” said Mark Zagorski, DoubleVerify CEO. “The combination marries DV’s proprietary data with Scibids’ AI-powered optimisation technology, letting us empower brands with unparalleled insights and control over their advertising performance.”

“DoubleVerify is a company that shares our commitment to independence, innovation and maximising media performance, and we’re thrilled to take our partnership to the next level,” said Remi Lemonnier, CEO & co-founder of Scibids. “This partnership will amplify the capabilities of our customisable AI technology and expand its impact across the digital advertising ecosystem to strengthen the open web. We look forward to working with the entire DV team to deliver new opportunities and maximise campaign outcomes for our global advertisers and partners.”

“Through our combination with Scibids, DV will lead the industry in dynamic campaign optimisations that drive real business outcomes,” added Zagorski. “The acquisition lets us redefine the verification space and offer a continuous feedback loop between activation, measurement and optimisation – powered by AI technology and the most trusted impression-level media quality and verification data in the space.”

DV has said the acquisition will provide advertisers with multiple benefits including:

Maximise business outcomes and ROI across all addressable paid media bought programmatically, by incorporating DV’s granular metrics in multidimensional dynamic optimisation.
Ensure continuous optimisation through the integration of DV’s impression-level media quality and performance data, and Scibids’ proprietary AI technology in optimisation algorithms.
Streamline manual efforts and drive operational efficiencies by employing automated bidding across leading DSPs, including Google’s DV360, The Trade Desk, and Xandr, to name a few.

The acquisition is looking to close in the third quarter. 

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