DOOH and TV come together in QMS and Samba TV partnership

qms Adrian Venditti and Samba Yasmin Sanders

“It’s about combining two broadcast channels to deliver maximum audience reach and campaign effectiveness.”

QMS has entered into a partnership with Samba TV. This collaboration aims to enable advertisers to broaden the reach and effectiveness of their TV campaigns through digital out-of-home (DOOH) platforms.

Through this partnership, QMS will utilise Samba TV’s first-party TV viewership and advertisement exposure data, captured at a granular postcode level. The data will be integrated into QMS’ Q-Data platform, facilitating the selection of DOOH inventory that complements TV reach within specific postcode areas. 

Advertisers using direct IO bookings will have access to a new approach for enhancing campaign reach. By incorporating DOOH placements in postcode areas characterised by either under or over-exposed TV viewership, advertisers can optimise the impact of their campaigns.

QMS strategic sales director Adrian Venditti said that while TV is a powerful tool for expanding reach, and continues to play a major part in media strategies, “growing viewership fragmentation poses new challenges for advertisers striving to connect with desired audiences across screens and platforms.

“The QMS and Samba TV partnership tackles this challenge by bringing together data and technology across two of the most impactful platforms in TV and DOOH.”

He continued, saying the partnership allows clients that have historically leaned on TV to deliver most of their reach to add DOOH to their omnichannel strategy. 

“In essence, it’s about combining two broadcast channels to deliver maximum audience reach and campaign effectiveness,” he said.

Samba TV Australia managing director Yasmin Sanders added: “As the only independent first-party TV data provider in Australia, and the first to provide comprehensive TV data to plan and target DOOH, we’re excited to partner with QMS to empower advertisers with a compelling solution that extends audience reach across two highly impactful media channels.”

QMS recorded a 20% audience increase in February compared to January this year, and a 6% rise in the 2023 average across the City of Sydney’s 33 suburbs as a result of Taylor Swift’s tour, the Lunar New Year, and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival.

Top Image: Adrian Venditti and Yasmin Sanders

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