Don Burke’s journey from garden guru to grub: Nine CEO offers counselling service to staff

‘It is fundamental that as a team we all share some simple expectations’

Nine CEO Hugh Marks has written to staff following the Don Burke accusations offering staff access to an independent counselling service. His memo reads in part:

In light of the appalling allegations this week of sexual assault, harassment and misconduct by Don Burke, I wanted to write to all staff to reaffirm Nine’s commitment to maintaining a culture that is inclusive, supportive and respectful.

In part we do this through our Nine Learning training programs. Thanks to all those that have participated. To those who haven’t please ensure you complete the assigned modules.

But importantly it is fundamental that as a team we all share some simple expectations. And it is in this context that we all accept our role in ensuring we have and maintain a culture that has zero tolerance of inappropriate workplace behaviour. Everyone is entitled to come to work at Nine confident that our workplace is safe and that inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with effectively.

Nine has a number of policies and procedures in place to ensure expectations in relation to behaviour in the workplace are clear. We also have clear guidelines on how we manage grievances, misconduct and support staff if any such concerns arise. Your team leaders and Nine’s HR team have the resources and tools needed to respond effectively and follow clear guidelines when dealing with misconduct, harassment, discrimination and bullying issues. There are also clear procedures to be followed if someone has a grievance to report.

It’s my job as CEO, and that of your senior leaders, to ensure that people who have been treated poorly will be heard, and that they will get appropriate support if they need it. Any matters which are raised and require further action will be addressed appropriately either internally or, if required, externally of Nine.

This is an important issue for all Australian workplaces. I believe Nine can take a strong leadership role in our industry to make sure we do the right thing by our people, now, and into the future.

Nine Entertainment Co is partnering with independent counselling service Converge International to provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help staff deal with any challenges, concerns or issues that may be affecting them at work or at home.

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