Avid Collective’s Daniel Ferrari tips to the top, winning Initiative’s Marketing Multi crown

Marketing multi 2024

The competition saw industry members work to predict the big ad moments from Monday’s Super Bowl.

Avid Collective’s Daniel Ferrari has won Initiative’s Marketing Multi, being crowned the champion after stringing together 33 of 50 bets.

Since its launch earlier in February, Initiative’s Marketing Multi received hundreds of bets from industry members as they worked to predict the big ad moments from Monday’s Super Bowl.

Some of the stats from the tipping pool included:

• 2/3 of tipsters (wrongly) predicted that Ryan Gosling would make an appearance as Ken.
• 95% thought there would be at least one AI-generated commercial. Surprisingly, there were none.
• 91% thought we would see at least one inclusive ad, which was confirmed by Google Pixel and its guided frame feature.
• 71% thought there would be at least one US car brand ad, but there weren’t any
• 60% predicted Temu’s presence in the Superbowl – but nobody predicted the fact that the ad would run six times. 
• 81% correctly predicted that a brand would take over the Sphere.

Speaking about his win, Ferrari said “I’m frankly astonished, like dropping a surprise Taylor Swift album at midnight. This award? It was like getting a high five from Swift herself saying ‘you belong with me’. For all my fellow entrants, my approach was part Hail Mary and part shake it off. Glad to be in the end zone when it’s all said and done.”

Initiative’s national managing director Sam Geer congratulated Ferrari, calling the effort “triumphant tipping.” 

“He will not only walk away with industry bragging rights, but will receive the soon-to-be illustrious Marketing Multi Super Bowl ring. Crafted with the finest material, pewter, zinc alloy and cubic zirconia, this one-of-a-kind piece truly is a trophy fit for a competition of this calibre,” said Geer.  

Marketing multi 2024 ring

Marketing Multi 2024 ring

Chris Colter, chief strategy and product officer of Initiative said “This was only the second time in SB history the game went into overtime, so we were blessed with more ads in this year’s game and they didn’t disappoint – From church ads featuring a lot of Jesus’ washing feet, to murderous Ortega abuelas”

“I also enjoyed the fact that a few of the more wild ‘speccy’ lines we threw in became reality, such as Posh & Becks reliving their now iconic meme for UberEats, Jennifer Coolidge owning the game, and Scorcese creating an unnecessarily long brand spot.”

Top Image: Marketing Multi 2024 contestants, with Daniel Ferrari in the centre 

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