Convenience Advertising launches national digital narrowcast network

Screens will also offer better opportunities for advertisers with animation, video and static displays.

Australian out-of-home media company Convenience Advertising has unveiled its new digital narrowcast network.

The new advertising and content platform CaptiVision sees a network of interactive digital screens installed across Convenience Advertising’s footprint of bathrooms in Australia’s leading premium locations, including high-traffic airport and retail shopping centres such as Sydney Airport and Chadstone Shopping Centre.

The addition of near-field communications (NFC) capabilities offer consumers opportunities to interact directly with the CaptiVision screens via smartphones and smartwatches.

Screens will also offer better opportunities for advertisers with animation, video and static displays. Campaigns will include unique flexibility in scheduling, with day-parting, weekly and fortnightly schedules.

The CaptiVision network offers advertisers the opportunity to engage with the more than 280 million passenger trips and shopping centre visitations annually in high-dwell, highly targetable locations. Built-in audience measurement capabilities will allow advertisers to ensure each campaign reach is measured in real-time by gender, lifestyle, engagement, location and time.

Anna Validas, CEO of Convenience Advertising, said the launch of CaptiVision heralded a new era in specialty out of home advertising. “Since we launched Convenience Advertising over 30 years ago, the idea of being able to target positive messages to engaged audiences in this way has been highly attractive to advertisers.

“The launch of CaptiVision signals an evolution of this success, coupling new possibilities in creative execution with state of the art analytics and time of day targeting to create a highly attractive digital proposition.

“CaptiVision is a dynamic digital solution that is highly customer-centric, with a cap on rotations to ensure high recall and effect for advertisers as well as audience measurement unique to the bathroom environment,” she said.

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