Commentary: Programmatic DOOH is flexible and efficient as audiences return

Programmatic DOOH

Matt Bushby, Managing Director ANZ & SEA, Hivestack, on one of the fast-growing channels

Over the last two years out of home (OOH) has proven itself as a resilient and effective marketing channel in fast-changing situations, both in Australia and globally. As consumers have returned to outdoor spaces in Q4, reports of a 24% increase in net revenue in 2021 is far from unexpected, and this has undoubtedly been supported by the growth of digital out of home (DOOH).

Programmatic DOOH

Within the channel, programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) has shown to be a flexible and efficient opportunity thanks to the ability to switch campaigns “off/on” at a moment’s notice, and change messaging/creative quickly. This agility makes it an attractive proposition and we can expect marketers will continue integrating it into their media mix over the next year.

Programmatic DOOH

Foxtel, via their media agency Mindshare, successfully delivered the first-ever programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) “takeover”

In 2021, ambitious campaigns like the takeover of nationwide DOOH inventory by Foxtel demonstrated the opportunities for brands to leverage flexible buying options and high volume inventory across the market. Close to home and around the world, the agility, scale, and unprecedented targeting capabilities of programmatic DOOH showcased the effectiveness of the channel for public announcements, and how it can be used for good by delivering vital and contextually relevant public safety messages.

Programmatic DOOH was one of the fastest-growing channels last year, and we don’t see that stopping in 2022, driven by the emergence of impactful trends. As two audience-centric buying models, we will see DOOH continue to converge with connected TV (CTV), allowing advertisers to reach consumers across traditionally disjointed touchpoints and measure outcomes derived from exposure to either environment.

MediaCom has activated over 30 pDOOH campaigns

The potential of audio OOH has presented another unique opportunity within programmatic over the past year. We can expect these two mediums to be more regularly integrated, enabling marketers to activate audio OOH inventory programmatically, providing additional opportunities for media owners on the supply side to better monetise their inventory.

In the midst of the cookie’s continued demise and major shifts in how data is captured and measured, contextual targeting and relevance are on the rise. With programmatic DOOH, advertisers have access to moment-based triggers that can be activated on custom media formats in real-time, using unique pre-sets like the weather, traffic, or sporting events to connect with consumers in a more human and memorable way.

Even with lingering uncertainty, the continued positive growth of the OOH industry and advances in programmatic give us reasons to be optimistic about the prospects of exceeding expectations and forecasts through 2022.

Programmatic DOOH

Matt Bushby

Matt Bushby is Managing Director, ANZ & SEA for Hivestack, the world’s leading independent programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech company. . Matt has over 20 years of experience across the digital media, ad tech, and out of home sectors in a variety of senior and leadership roles. 

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