Cobbstar Productions gets funding for The Horizons TV pilot

Cobbstar Productions secures funding from Screen Australia for gay web series The Horizons

Australian-based production company Cobbstar Productions has secured funding from Screen Australia to produce a television pilot of the world’s most watched gay web series The Horizon.

The 45-minute pilot will cover storylines that appear in the first two seasons of the YouTube phenomenon, which to date has amassed over 100,000 subscribers and 37 million views globally.

Producer Brian Cobb said:  “We are going back to the start and re-making the first two seasons in order to link the entire online series with a consistent cast and a quality level of production. We also welcome the additions of award-winning film director Stephan Elliott and BAFTA-winning composer Guy Gross who collaborated together on Priscilla. Plus we get a pilot to shop around and ideally go to series with. There’s a lot to do but we couldn’t be happier.”

Season 6 of The Horizon will go live online in August. Past seasons of The Horizon can be viewed via the series’ YouTube channel or at

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