CNN featuring Anthony Bourdain in new digital guide Explore Parts Unknown

The experience will allow users to recreate Anthony Bourdain‘s journeys

CNN has announced Explore Parts Unknown, a mobile-first immersive guide featuring original stories and video, premium photography, and interactive content inspired by the Emmy-winning CNN original series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

The experience will allow users to recreate Anthony Bourdain‘s journeys and dive deeper into the people, places, and stories he’s encountered.

Explore Parts Unknown is an editorial partnership between CNN and Roads & Kingdoms – an independent journal of food, politics, travel and culture based in New York and Barcelona.

Anthony Bourdain said, “Explore Parts Unknown is the next step, a logical step, and a deeply enjoyable one for me in collaboration with CNN and Roads & Kingdoms. I’m not a journalist, and never claimed to be one. I’m an essayist and storyteller. But the people at Roads & Kingdoms ARE journalists – and very good ones. This venture serves my insatiable curiosity and gives us the opportunity to go further off the beaten path, tell more stories, enrich and elaborate on existing ones, and go deeper into the locations that I travel to for the TV series.”

The site will launch with destinations like Hanoi, Las Vegas, Koreatown (LA), Manila, Buenos Aires, London, Punjab, Montana, The Greek Islands, Senegal, Madagascar, Istanbul, New Jersey, Colombia and South Korea. New destinations will roll out weekly with original content.

The site will include digital features like:

• Exclusive Videos: The site will launch with a seven-episode digital series called Catalunya: The Return featuring Bourdain’s road trip across Spain.
• Bourdain’s Field Notes: First person notes from Bourdain’s travels.
• The Perfect Day: Timestamped blueprints for a perfect 12 hours in a given destination, including notes on restaurants, bars and random detours.
• Hotel Bar Diaries: Short personal, voice-heavy dispatches from hotel bars around the world.
• Recipes: Recipes of dishes from episodes from Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown with accompanying articles that give context to the dish, its origins and importance.
• Destination Fact Sheets: Fact sheets that allow you to “Travel like Bourdain” with local lingo, travel tips, and restaurant recommendations.

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