Claxon promotes Jake Kay-Lawson to strategy director

Claxon - Jake Lawson

Kay-Lawson joined Claxon in 2017 as a creative director.

Claxon promoted Jake Kay-Lawson to strategy director, reporting directly to general manager, Danny Molyneux.

Kay-Lawson joined the independent agency in 2017 as a creative director. He has played a pivotal role part of driving its strategic and creative output across all disciplines, producing notable campaigns for Euka, Binance, Accor, chempro and F45.

His immediate remit is to maintain the agency’s high growth momentum by formulating, facilitating, communicating and ultimately executing strategies that drive results.
Molyneux welcomed Kay-Lawson’s appointment, noting that he has “consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic insight, and dedication” to the Claxon team.

Kay-Lawson said he was excited to take on a leadership role and blend his creative and media buying experience to create “campaigns that go beyond the obvious solutions”.

He added: “There are plenty of ‘growth-minded’ agencies out there who throw the term out as a sales buzzword. I’ll forever be grateful to have aligned myself with a true Growth Agency that walks the talk by developing their client relationships, and their people.

“I’ve been in a very fortunate position over the past 7 years with the freedom to pivot, adapt my role, learn from an amazing team, and have a pair of founders bold enough to back me no matter what.

“People seem shocked to hear how long I’ve been on this journey with Claxon. But when you find your tribe who simply love the work and love to win, that’s a ride worth sticking around for.”

Kay-Lawson began his media and marketing career in marketing and production which lead him to build his first business around YouTube channel management and optimisation. After growing client channels from zero to over 450,000 subscribers, he turned his attention towards the digital marketing space, that led him to his first creative role at Claxon.

Kay-Lawson’s promotion comes after the agency appointed Brian Collins into the newly created role of head of growth.

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Top image: Jake Kay-Lawson

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