Broadsheet Media bolsters Australian travel industry with new hardcover book

broadsheet Travels

Available online and at bookshops from 25 October

Broadsheet Media has today announced its fifth instalment in its series of hardcover books Travels, celebrating Australia. The book covers destinations and experiences to inspire travellers to discover Australia.

Travels was born when international flights were still grounded, the book champions local travel destinations in Australia, from national icons like Uluru and Sydney Harbour to remote thermal springs, luxe tropical islands and relaxed country pubs.

Broadsheet media editorial director Katya Wachtel said, “Holidaying within and exploring Australia has never been more appealing, and on every page in Travels, there is some singular and unforgettable experience that encapsulates how beautiful and culturally rich this country is. There are places in this book that will surprise even the most well-travelled Australians.”

Travels is an extension of Broadsheet’s editorial travel and hospitality coverage of Australia, as travel is the number one category that Broadsheet readers choose for their discretionary spending. Though international borders are now open, 90% of Broadsheet readers are choosing to travel domestically.

The book shines a light on places throughout Australia where travellers can get closer to nature, with 76% of readers showing a desire to escape their cities and immerse themselves in nature through road trips and outdoor activities.

Wachtel continued: “This book is highly curated and singles out only the most remarkable Australian travel experiences and destinations…It showcases the best of our cities and importantly shines a light on regional gems, which – alongside their natural beauty – are home to some of Australia’s most extraordinary cultural experiences in food, drink, art, and design.”

Travels is Broadsheet’s fifth hardcover book, following last year’s Homemade featuring recipes from Australia’s leading chefs and restauranteurs, and the first book to feature travel. 

Travels is available to pre-order online. From 25th October, Travels will be available online, at all good bookshops and at JULY luggage stores.

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