Box Office: Suicide Squad outdoes Seth Rogan’s animated sausage fest

Suicide Squad supervillains outperform Mad Moms and Sausage Party

After ticket sales pushed close to $24m last weekend, the top 20 takings dipped close to $17m in total with Suicide Squad holding top spot as exhibitors bet big on the movie. It stayed on close to 500 screens and again had the best screen average.

#1 Suicide Squad $5.93m

It’s been a brilliant start for DC Comics’ anti-hero team who have defied some ordinary reviews and topped the box office for successive weekends. The film has a total of $23.14m to-date which means it was faster out of the blocks than Finding Dory which did $20.72 at the end of its second weekend. The only 2016 releases which had better opening fortnights this year were Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War.

Suicide Squad lost 42 screens on the weekend, but remains on 475 giving it a screen average of $12,505.

#2 Bad Moms $3.24m

Putting the word “bad” in front of a title seems to be still working for movie makers with Bad Moms ranking second and managing to rank as the best-performing new release. The all-star cast of Moms included Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate. The film was released on 398 screens with a screen average of $8,153.

#3 Sausage Party $2.50m

The Seth Rogan project is an animated spoof targeting all the hit Hollywood franchises from Disney and Dreamworks and is one of the few animated movies with an MA rating to manage a wide release. The film hit 221 screens and returned a screen average of $11,343, the second-best of the weekend.

#4 Jason Bourne $1.88m

The total after three weekends is $16.4m with the movie shedding 160 screens this week giving it a screen average just under $6,000.

#5 Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie $1.41m

After two weekends a total of $6m has got to be a fair result even though it has delivered a mid-range screen average. TV shows crossing to the cinema don’t always work so this quirky UK parody has more than satisfied the fans of what could be called a cult TV hit. The film was showing on more screens thanSausage Party and Jason Bourne on the weekend, but with a much lower screen average – $3,961.

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