Box Office: The Shallows, War Dogs top openers

Suicide Squad makes it three weeks at #1 – closing in on $30m

War Dogs

The team of dangerous, incarcerated supervillains from the Suicide Squad has ruled the box office for a third week. There are six movies that took over $1m with the best performing new release ranking #4. Total weekend takings for the top 20 movies was $14.40m which is the smallest weekend haul since the last weekend in May with $13.05m.

#1 Suicide Squad $3.18m

The DC Comics antihero team shed 111 screens this week but remains on 363 giving it a screen average of $8,770. The movie’s takings were down 46% this week and saw it slip behind Finding Dory when compared to where it was after three weekends. Screen average was $8,770 which was the best for the third consecutive weekend.

Suicide Squad sits on $27.76m while after its third weekend, Dory had done $30.52m. Suicide Squad remains one of the year’s hottest movies though, up there alongside Finding Dory, Captain America: Civil War which raced to $28.74m after three weekends, and Deadpool which was on $33.59m after its third weekend.

#2 Bad Moms $2.45m 

A second week at #2 with the film just short of $8m in total. Takings were down 24% weekend-on-weekend which was the smallest drop off for any film in the top 10. Bad Moms shed 91 screens to 307 giving it a screen average of $8,010.

#3 Sausage Party $1.77m

The Seth Rogan animated project added two screens to 223 with takings down 29% on the weekend when compared to its opening. The screen average of $7,952 only narrowly trailed Bad Moms.

The Shallows and War Dogs were the top-performing new releases

The Shallows and War Dogs were the top-performing new releases

#4 The Shallows $1.55m

The survival horror movie starring Blake Lively was the best-performing new release, debuting on 224 screens with a screen average of $6,946.

#5 War Dogs $1.40m

The comedy-drama with Jonah Hill opened on 245 screens giving it a screen average of $5,715.

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