Box Office Report: Captain America holds top spot, Angry Birds opens at #2

Captain America: Civil War closes in on $30m after three weekends on top

Captain America: Civil War closes in on $30m after three weekends at the top of the box office

Box Office

The total box office earn of the top 20 movies across the weekend has fallen below $15m for just the second time since the last week of March. The weekend gross of $12.59m saw just three movies over $1m.

#1 Captain America: Civil War $3.83m

This was the toughest competition yet for the 13th Marvel movie and the third in the Captain America series. However it still took over $1m more than its closest competitor. Total screens are just under 500 with a screen average of $7,964. The movie will pass $30m some time in the next few days.

#2 The Angry Birds Movie $2.62m

The makers of Angry Birds have financed this project with Sony Pictures distributing the 3D animated movie for them. The film, the highest-placed new movie over the weekend, opened on 405 screens with a screen average of $6,493.

#3 Bad Neighbours 2 $1.69m

Takings were down 29% on last week with the movie averaging just over $5,000 per screen on 50 fewer screens than last week. The movie will climb past $5m to-date this week as FTA TV continues to schedule screenings of the first Bad Neighbours movie.

#4 The Jungle Book $910,000

In its fifth week of release the movie will pass $28m as it holds on just over 250 screens.

#5 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot $796,000

Starring Tina Fey and Margot Robbie, the movie is based on the memoir The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan by war correspondent Kim Barker. The screen average of $4,660 comes from 171 screens.

The Idris Elba action movie Bastille Day was the only other new release in the top 10, with $211,000 from 128 screens ranking it at #9.

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