Box Office: Inside Out 2 becomes first film since Barbie to gross $1 billion globally

Inside Out 2

This weekend, the Australian box office made $19.8m.


1. Inside Out 2 – $5,960,897 (1)

There seems to be no stopping Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 as it comes in at #1 for a third week. This week, it becomes the first film since Barbie in 2023 to hit a worldwide gross of $1 billion. The film introduces a new array of emotions for a now-teenage Riley, including Anxiety voiced by Maya Hawke and Envy voiced by Ayo Edebiri.

Coming in first place this week, Inside Out 2 took $5,960,897 in its third week, averaging $9,553 over 624 screens.

Total Australian Box Office gross to date: $27,621,742

Synopsis: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust have been running a successful operation by all accounts. However, when Anxiety shows up, they aren’t sure how to feel.

2. Despicable Me 4 – $5,391,170 (2)

Steve Carell returns to voice Gru and this time is joined by fellow funnyman Will Ferrell who plays the villain Maxime Le Mal. The Despicable Me franchise is the highest-grossing animated film franchise of all time, grossing a total of more than $4.6 billion. Coming in second place this week, Despicable Me 4 took $5,391,170 in its second week, averaging $9,442 over 571 screens.

Total Australian Box Office gross to date: $14,556,646

Synopsis: Gru welcomes a new member to the family, Gru Jr., who’s intent on tormenting his dad. However, their peaceful existence soon comes crashing down when criminal mastermind Maxime Le Mal escapes from prison and vows revenge against Gru.

3. A Quiet Place: Day One – $3,948,269 (debut)

The newest film in the Quiet Place franchise is directed by Michael Sarnoskil, who takes over the reins from the director of the previous two films, John Krasinski. The film is a prequel, documenting the beginning stages of an invasion in New York City by creatures who are drawn to the slightest hint of sound. It stars Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and Stranger Things star Joesph Quinn. Coming in third place this week, A Quiet Place: Day One took $3,948,269 in its first week, averaging $7,960 over 496 screens.

Synopsis: When New York City comes under attack from an alien invasion, a woman and other survivors try to find a way to safety. They soon learn that they must remain absolutely silent as the mysterious creatures are drawn to the slightest sound.

4. Kalki 2898 AD – $1,650,575 (debut)

Mindblowing’s Kalki 2898 AD is the first instalment in the planned Kalki Cinematic Universe, which will contain films inspired by Hindu scriptures. Coming in fourth place this week, Kalki 2898 AD took $1,650,575 in its first week, averaging $10,316 over 160 screens.

Synopsis: A modern avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, is said to have descended on Earth to protect the world from evil forces.

5. Bad Boys: Ride or Die – $926,216 (3)

The new film in the Bad Boys franchise is directed by Adil and Bilall, who are rumoured to be in talks with Marvel to direct the upcoming fourth Spider-Man film, starring Tom Holland. Coming in fifth place this week, Bad Boys: Ride or Die took $926,216 in its fourth week, averaging $2,807 over 330 screens.

Total Australian Box Office gross to date: $11,709,424

Synopsis: When their late police captain gets linked to drug cartels, wisecracking Miami cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett embark on a dangerous mission to clear his name.

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6. Jatt & Juliet 3
7. The Garfield Movie
8. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
9. IF
10. Blue Lock The Movie

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