Box Office: Ghostface returns in Scream 5, No Way Home dominates

scream 5

• This weekend the Australian box office made $11.42 million

This weekend the Australian box office made $11.42 million, which is down 21% from last week’s $14.52 million.

Joining the top five this week is the latest installment in the Scream franchise. Scream 5 is set 25 years after a series of murders shocked the small Californian town of Woodsboro. Just when they thought they were safe, a new killer has pulled on the Ghostface mask to target a group of teenagers.

Dropping out of the top five this week is The King’s Man, the prequel film to the Kingsmen movies.

#1, Spider-Man: No Way Home, $2.71 million

The winning streak for Spider-Man: No Way Home continues this week, with the film now having pulled in a massive total of $70.29 million in its fifth week of release. This week it averaged $5,224 over 519 screens.

#2, Scream 5, $1.82 million

Scream 5 is the first film in the Scream series not to be directed by Wes Craven after his passing in 2015. On debut, it averaged $5,801 over 313 screens.

#3, Sing 2, $1.23 million

The cheery, animated sequel film continues to perform well in its fourth week of release after generating an average of $3,683 on 335 screens. The film now has made a total of $13.58m.

#4, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, $940,517

In its third week of release, the latest addition to the Ghostbusters franchise averaged $2,114 over 445 screens. Set 32 years after the events of Ghostbusters II, Afterlife has now made a total of $8.11 million.

#5, House of Gucci, $928,413

Starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver and telling the true story of the Gucci dynasty, Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci has stayed at #5 in its third week of release. It averaged $3,201 over 290 screens and has made a total of $5.76 million.

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