Box Office: Disney does it again as Spiderman swings past $10m

• There was only one new entry to the top five this week- Spiderman: Homecoming

Disney is continuing its dream year of pumping out hit film after hit film, thanks in large part to Marvel with the studio’s third release of the year Spiderman: Far From Home being the studio’s third film to debut in the top spot of the Australian box office this year. The first two films Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame have been the two highest grossing films of the year, and Spiderman is on target to make the top two into a super trio.

Although Disney hasn’t just been printing money off just their superhero properties their animated films are doing okay too with Toy Story 4 breaking the $5m mark for the third week in a row suffering only an 18% decline on last weekends total. 

There was only one new entry to the top five this week (Spiderman) so only one film got the chop and the box office casualty was Disney’s Aladdin which still made $863,285 bringing its overall total to $32.29m, and is the third highest grossing film released in Australia for 2019.

Another holiday has helped continue the positive trend for the Australian box office with an increase for the third week in a row, going up 35% on last weekends total making $25.39m.

#1 Spiderman: Far From Home $10.43m

Not hindered by the unusual tactic of releasing the film on a Monday (July 1), the film managed to still draw a huge weekend audience to bring its overall total to $17.41m in only seven days. Starring Tom Holland, the film was the most screened movie of the weekend being shown on 731 screens making a massive average of $14,279.

#2 Toy Story 4 $5.28m

Dropping out of the top spot of the Australian box office after three weeks the fourth instalment of the animated classic continues to flex its staying power with a third week breaking the $5m mark. The film was shown on 495 screens making $10,671 per screen which brings its overall total to $25.23m.

#3 Yesterday $2.32m

The musical rom-com inspired by the music of The Beatles continues to rock Aussie audiences only losing 32% of its audience from its opening weekend. Despite slipping down to third spot the film averaged $8,362 on 278 screens.

#4 The Secret Life of Pets 2 $1.90m

Sharing its opening weekend with fellow animated film Toy Story 4 meant that the sequel to the 2016 original by Illumination was always going to be in the shadow of the iconic Pixar franchise but it has quietly put together a strong Australian total making $11.18m. Thanks in part to the holiday weekend, the film increased its total from last weekend by 25% making an average of $6,070 on 313 screens.

#5 Annabelle Comes Home $1.16m

The hottest horror flick in Australia this holidays is in the top five for two weeks in a row after a 40% decline on last weekend. The film averaged $5,339 on 218 screens bringing its total to $3.77m.

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