Big Brother Australia: Final words from evicted Housemates

Big Brother

• Housemates will be competing in nomination challenges every episode

Big Brother Australia returned on Seven on June 8 with a new channel, house, and format for its first season since it was cancelled by Nine in 2014. 

20 Big Brother Housemates, ranging in age from 19-62 and representing a broad cross-section of Australia will live together for six weeks, cut off from the outside world in a custom-built house fitted with cameras and microphones. With the winner receiving $250,000.

Big Brother Housemates will be competing in nomination challenges every episode with the winner having the power to nominate three of their fellow Housemates for eviction. For the first time in Australian Big Brother history, housemates will then cast individual votes to evict one of the three nominees from the house.

Below is a list of the evicted Big Brother Housemates and their final words:

Episode 1 Laura Coriakula

Desperate superfan Kieran scrambled to keep himself in the game while Zoe promised everyone a taste of her souvlakis. In the end, Laura was ousted proving just how critical it is to make strong connections, fast.

Laura from Melbourne was the first to be eliminated from Big Brother saying of her eviction:  “I’m very shocked. I did not see that coming. I honestly thought the way that Kieran was carrying on I didn’t have to fight. It would have been nice to stay longer but every moment I was being myself. I wasn’t here to fake anything. I like being first at everything so there you go, first evicted.”

Episode 2 Allan Liang

Garth steered the vote to an epic eviction blindside against Allan who left the game lost for words as the second Housemate evicted.

Allan from Sydney commented on being eliminated from Big Brother: WHAT?! I am salty AF on turbo, times that by 400. That’s like a landslide. How the hell is Kieran still in the house. I don’t know what he said or what he put in the drinks. Goes to show people can lie straight to your face. I’m actually lost for words. This is absolute abuse. Coming out second, five days is just too short. I want to go back in and stir the pot a little bit more.”

Episode 3 SooBong Hwang

The hangry OG Housemates left new arrivals Danni, Hannah, Shane and SooBong hanging for three hours to earn more shopping money. SooBong’s insane physical prowess made him an instant target and after Queen Talia and Sarah paired up and won the Nomination Challenge it was inevitable that the two newcomers would end up on the eviction chopping block. Joining them was a stunned Marissa who advised the other Housemates to watch out! Ultimately, self-described terminator SooBong was himself terminated from the game.

SooBong from Adelaide said of his eviction: “Maybe I was overconfident but if I was a threat to Dan I’m going to take it cause that’s who I am. I have a message for the Housemates… have fun, go for fun, enjoy and make a big smile. That’s what I wanted to do so I want you to do exactly the same for me, have fun.”

Episode 4 Talia Rycroft-Sommariva

Angela’s prayers were answered when she (and her freshly glossed lips) took out the Nomination Challenge Wind Chimes – An endurance test in which Housemates hung onto an oversized wind chime, moving their feet at various intervals onto pegs that decreased in size (and increased in the pain factor). This set up a strategic takedown of the house king and queen Talia and Daniel.

Adelaide’s Talia said of her elimination: “I’m gonna go home loyal, I’m gonna go home not hurting anyone, I’ve been one hundred per cent me.”

Episode 5 Danni Keogh

Angela won back-to-back Nomination Challenges and cemented her reputation as challenge beast while Kieran’s white lie led to Danni’s eviction. For the nomination challenge, Housemates stood below perspex funnels filled with 20L of water. Using their fingers and hands only, they had to block the hole to prevent the water seeping out. The last Housemate to have water in their funnel won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction. As the challenge progressed, Big Brother offered numerous temptations to get the Housemates to drop out.

Townsville’s Danni said of going home: “I think I was playing a great game, I really thought I was good at it. I’m so confused about what went on tonight. I could be completely wrong and my game play is completely off but if my gut and my intuition is right, I believe it was Kieran. Kieran might have been that snake.”

Episode 6 Angela Clancy

Kieran felt like a dead man walking but it was challenge beast Angela who had a target on her back and was evicted. Ian won the Nomination Challenge- Spooling Around as Housemates raced to remove 100m of rope from a spool by spinning and wrapping the rope around their bodies. They then ran to the opposite end of the course to transfer the rope from their bodies to a second spool. The first Housemate to successfully transfer the rope from one spool to the other won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction. However,  after Angela was evicted Big Brother had a big surprise for as she exited the house, sending her to his top secret bunker where she can begin plotting her revenge.

Perth’s Angela said: “It’s not over until the fat lady sings! OMG, this is amazing. Best day ever.”

Episode 7 Ian Joass

Big Brother’s new recruit Angela wreaked havoc from the secret bunker. When Zoe tried to eliminate Kieran by putting Ian up as a safe vote, Angela seized the opportunity and enlisted Garth’s help to pull off an amazing coup, saving her friends Kieran and Marissa and sending Ian home in a stunning blow to the alpha alliance.

Ian from Perth said of his eviction: “I got blindsided. Everyone told me I was safe. Oh well, these things happen. I feel so proud that living in a house with a complete bunch of strangers isn’t as scary as it should be to me. I’ve come so far. I’m so proud of myself. This whole experience has been an amazing time. I don’t regret a single minute of it. My message for the Housemates would have to be look after those fish, don’t let them die.”

Episode 8 Garth Saville

Angela emerged from the Bunker, but she didn’t let on she’d been spying on the Housemates or that Garth had paid her a visit. With the game in the balance, Zoe pulled off yet another challenge win and set in motion Daniel’s high-risk plan to remove a major threat by using himself as bait. The strategy worked and Garth was evicted, dropping a final truth bomb as he exited the house.

Garth from Sydney said of his eviction: “Tensions are high in the Big Brother house. I was this over the top, force to be reckoned with and I think a lot of people were really, really threatened by it. Angela and I had a little pact after meeting each other in the secret bunker. She said she was going to support me. It really does punch you in the guts. Things change very quickly. There’s going to be a lot of blindsidings. I played with great humour and I played tough. If that’s what got me out, then that’s what got me out. I wouldn’t take it back.”

Episode 9 Zoe George

13 Housemates remained divided into two groups – the alphas and the rest! So when Marissa earned a leg up in the challenge, she targeted the alpha group nominating Mat, Xavier and Zoe for eviction. Shane saw a chance to take out one of the game’s biggest threats (Mat), but it was Zoe who was evicted by a one vote margin.

Zoe from Melbourne said of her eviction: “It’s not a nice feeling. The house has made a huge mistake because I’ve played an honest game but I guess I’ve got no control over what people vote. This experience has been wild, just crazy. I can’t believe that I’ve just done that. The first thing I’m going to do when I get home is cuddle my kids and give my husband a big smooch.”

Episode 10 Shane Vincent

Shane was licking his wounds after failing to take down big player Mat. Daniel and Mat spent 6hrs in a box kindling their bromance. The winning alphas wined and dined Angela and recruited her to their alliance. Mat stacked up against arch nemesis Shane and put him up for eviction alongside Marissa and Angela, a decision that had the girls questioning their new alliance. In the end, Angela survived by just one vote with Shane paying the price for his bold move.

Shane from Tweed Heads said of his eviction: “I’m spewing. Last eviction I went for a big scalp in Mat and I missed so I knew that was going to come back to bite me. It was my own undoing but a massive mistake keeping Angela in. She’s such a player. She says she’s honest, but I don’t know how much she’s honest to people to tell you the truth.”

Episode 11 Angela Clancy

Angela’s decision to join forces with the alphas backfired when the boys turned on her at their first chance. In a fiery eviction ceremony, she exposed the alphas’ formidable alliance and gave one last piece of “Ange-a-licious” advice to the others as she was dethroned. 

Angela Clancy from Perth said of her eviction: “Goodbye house. Best experience ever! This experience has made me realise I’m stronger than I thought I was. I always had a cup of tea before a challenge I think that was my secret weapon, tea drinking and my lip gloss. I’m going to miss Big Brother… that voice just gets me… honey, honey, talk to me more!”

Episode 12 Hannah Campbell

Big Brother turned Dan’s frown upside down with a surprise “visit” from girlfriend Ana who reassured him the love was still there. Casey opened her big mouth, jeopardising her place in the alliance. She avoided nomination by a whisker with the winning brains and brawn of the house giving her a second chance, instead putting Sophie and Hannah up for eviction. No-one dared mess with Soph knowing her cuddle buddy Chad would seek revenge, which left heartbroken Hannah a sitting duck.

Hannah from Perth said: “I’m completely heartbroken. I honestly thought I had the numbers, but you can’t trust anyone I guess. It’s obvious that Dan, Xavier and Mat have the most influence in the house and I don’t see anyone breaking them up.”

Episode 13 Xavier Molyneux

A COVID-19 scare forced the Big Brother house into lockdown but it didn’t stop the housemates playing the game. Daniel made a secret deal with Chad to keep himself and Mat safe in the game, throwing the challenge and giving Chad the power to nominate. Chad put best friends Xavier and Casey up for eviction alongside pal Sarah, who he knew had found Big Brother’s secret token which would keep her safe from eviction. Given the chance to remove a major player, Daniel and Mat turned on their former ally and Xavier was evicted from the house.

The Sydneysider said: If you wanted to vote out the more strategical player it was definitely me. Dan and Mat got me real good. If I was in their position, I’d probably make the same move so no hard feelings. I’ve been in there for 30 days and it was a pressure cooker situation. It was so much fun getting to know everybody and it was a great experience all round so one hundred percent I’d do it again.”

Episode 14 Marissa Rancan

Chad and Sophie celebrated their one-month anniversary with a champagne breakfast for two. As she watched their bond deepen, Casey expressed concern at how much of a threat the lovebirds were becoming. But when Casey stepped up and won the nomination challenge, she decided to play the long game, nominating Kieran and Marissa for eviction. Marissa scrambled hard but it wasn’t enough and she exited the house while “cockroach” Kieran lived to fight another day.

The Sydneysider said of her eviction: “I’m 61 but I know I’ve been a strong contender in this game. That’s a good thing but it’s also a bad thing. I can’t believe I’m out. The game has turned up to extra hot. Dan, Mat and Casey are coming for Sophie and Chad. There’s $250,000 on the line. I just want to say, guys, watch out!”

Episode 15 Casey Mazzucchelli

Challenge Winner Sophie

With the game heating up, Daniel made a secret deal with Chad and Sophie to take the lovebirds and Mat to the Top 4. Big Brother’s Basement became a torture chamber in a challenge that tipped the balance in Sophie’s favour. Sophie nominated Kieran but her real target was Casey. Casey hoped to lure Sarah to her side with the littlest housemate all of a sudden becoming the biggest player. But Casey’s schmoozing didn’t work and she was evicted.

The housemate from Perth said of her eviction:I’m absolutely elated at how far I’ve come. I cannot believe it. I didn’t even think I’d make it past week one. The Big Brother game is so emotionally overwhelming and draining. I don’t know if Sarah voting for me is a huge mistake… she’s a pretty smart girl so there’s obviously a reason behind it. I can see Matty being the winner. He’s got that true blue Aussie heart. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I think I’ve really put in the hard yards so leaving the house now is not that sad.”

Episode 16 

“Cockroach” Kieran survived the last eviction ceremony and found a way to scuttle back into the game. Chad edged out Dan in the nomination challenge and put Mat and Kieran up for eviction. Sophie and Chad stayed true to their final four alliance and Kieran was finally voted out. But his extraordinary run of luck continued with Big Brother welcoming him to the White Room – a second chance in the game. The question is, how long can he stick it out for?

Episode 17 

Challenge Winner Daniel

In the White Room, Kieran was robbed of his sanity, while in the house the housemates were robbed of… well everything. Furniture, crockery, cutlery, plants, toiletries, even their beloved fish – all gone! With Big Brother’s mind games accelerating, Sophie started to question the strength of her alliance with Daniel and Mat. As it turns out her concerns were justified because when Dan won the challenge, he nominated Sarah and Sophie and despite a desperate scramble and a plea from lover Chad, Sophie was sent packing by Dan’s tie-break vote. But it’s not yet the end for Soph with Big Brother sending her to the White Room where she was shocked to find Kieran lurking. Two housemates, two red buttons – just wait til you see how this plays out tomorrow!

Episode 18 Kieran Davidson

White Room

Big Brother served the housemates another curveball with Mat winning a game advantage. Then he unveiled his biggest twist yet – recent evictees Sophie and Kieran had been sheltering in the White Room as Mat, Chad, Daniel and Sarah watched on in surprise, Kieran and Sophie were told to look at a screen where an amount of money would gradually increase over 60 seconds. At any point during this minute, either of them could press their red button freezing the total. Whoever pressed first would keep the money but leave the Big Brother house for good. The other housemate would return to the house and the game. If neither pressed the red button, the power would be handed over to the house and the person who won the last challenge. The money they were tempted with would be taken out of the overall prize money. Kieran pressed his red button just inside the time limit and walked away with $15,344. Sophie re-entered the house much to Chad and Sarah’s delight and Mat and Dan’s horror.

Kieran said of his elimination: “I just won $15,000 off the grand prize total and I couldn’t be happier. You thought you could get rid of me at the first eviction and you failed and then you failed another six times. And now I’m leaving on my own terms. I’m a thick boy that’s just stolen fifteen grand. Sophie’s going to rain vengeance on the house, she’s going to go after the people that betrayed her. So my message for the housemates is never underestimate the underdog.”

Episode 19 Sarah McDougal

The Top 5 faced not one but two big challenges to determine who would be up for eviction. Sophie’s return to the game came at a cost and she started tonight’s two challenges with a disadvantage, while Mat’s carry over power from the last challenge meant he would get two votes at the next eviction if he was voting and one vote if he was nominated. Sarah was first to drop out of the first challenge meaning she was automatically up for eviction. Chad won the next challenge – a terrifying water escape – and chose to put Mat up against Sarah as payback for Soph and because he has a better relationship with Dan. Sarah tried to convince Dan that Mat would be his biggest threat when it came time for Australia’s vote, but Dan stayed true to his bromance and the game’s littlest player was sent packing.   

Sarah McDougal said of the eviction:  “My heart feels pretty good. This is further than I thought I’d ever get. Considering I was the youngest player in the game I reckon I’ve had a pretty good Big Brother experience. I just got outsmarted. I was stumped. I couldn’t get out of that pickle. I feel it could potentially be a mistake for Dan to vote me out. Mat is bigger competition for Dan if they were both to make the final three. I want Sophie to win. She’s an independent woman, she fights for her right and I really respect that y’know. Girl power!”

Episode 20 Mat Garrick

Day 39 in the Big Brother house saw the Top 4 face one final, almighty, “winner takes all” challenge. Despite a bung ankle, Chad took out the challenge and was automatically put in the final three. He then had the power to decide which two housemates to take with him to the grand final and who to evict. An emotional Chad listened to his heart and stuck to his morals, choosing cuddle buddy Sophie and “solid guy” Dan to join him in the final three, thereby sending Mat home. Now it’s up to you Australia! Who deserves to win Big Brother 2020?

Final Three

Chad Hurst, Sydney – “I feel like Dan deserves it. When Sophie made a return, Dan took it better. I think Dan’s a solid guy. I feel like he’s going to beat me, but I’ve played this game so that when mum watches the show, she’ll be proud of me. If I won this whole show breaking morals and making stupid moves that’s not winning. You get cash at the end of the day, but you don’t win as a person. Final three… I couldn’t be happier, I’m proud. It’s up to Australia now. Whoever wins bloody deserves it, dead set.”

Sophie Budack, Darwin – “I’m so happy, this is literally my dream come true. This is what I was striving for, I wanted a podium finish. Chad and I about to enter the real world together and I’m so excited to see where this relationship goes. It’s going to be good to get out of the house and give us a shot of normality.”

Daniel Gorringe, Melbourne – “I’ve never, ever, ever done something like this, I’ve never achieved anything close to this, ever. I feel like for once in my life I’ve achieved something. I’ve made people like my family and Ana so proud. That’s what I wanted to do, I wanted people to be proud of me. And hopefully now I’m in the top three I’ve done that and it’s an awesome feeling.”

The current top five to win Big Brother according to Sportsbet are:

Daniel Gorringe $2.75
Chad Hurst $3.00
Sophie Budack $4.50

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