Bench announces expansion of media & data offering to agencies

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“We’ve introduced a new solution that provides agencies with access to over 100 data integrations and ad platforms”

Digital media specialist, Bench has released a new offering enabling creative and digital agencies to more easily access a wider range of new platforms and data partners that go beyond the walled gardens of Google and Meta.

“The enhanced product allows agencies the freedom to access the open internet and therefore offers the opportunity not only to more powerfully connect with their target audiences but also to do so more cost-efficiently,” said Ori Gold, Bench co-founder and CEO.

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Ori Gold

“Our core business has traditionally been servicing clients directly, either assisting them in building and servicing their own digital and programmatic offering or usually providing that service to them. However, we’re now finding an increasing number of creative and digital agencies are seeking the same assistance, so we’ve introduced a new solution that provides agencies with access to over 100 data integrations and ad platforms,” said Gold.

“As we’ve built and developed our own proprietary technology, we are able to offer all our partners the ability to track with full transparency how their money is being invested. This is specifically important in today’s fragmented media market and with the added complication of the data privacy issue.“

Mani Marimuthu, head of digital at Joy, an independent consulting, creative and media group said, “We have a great collaboration with Bench who understood how to translate the business metrics into media metrics, which helps us unlock more potential for our clients. Accessing new data sources and media pathways has enabled us to reach diverse audiences effectively and optimise our media buying more efficiently using our clients’ marketing budgets. This partnership has augmented our capabilities of reaching new audiences, achieves actual business goals for our clients and enables their brands to create a lasting impact.”

Mikey Taylor, CEO of Lionize, a boutique Sydney-based creative agency added, “We were looking for a partner like Bench who could bring Lionize unparalleled expertise and digital finesse that would have been otherwise impossible to develop in-house. By joining forces, we have been able to leverage the cutting-edge tools and reporting provided by Bench, enabling our team to focus on what they do best – developing big-picture growth strategies and delivering creative excellence. The partnership allows us to allocate our resources effectively and concentrate on our core strengths while ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcomes.”

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