Stitch up: Andy Lee visits Belle Jackson’s childhood bedroom… and finds a Hamish & Andy shrine

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Belle was obsessed with Hamish & Andy, and even ran the fan club

Belle Jackson, co-host of Nova 100’s Ben, Liam & Belle was faced with her worst fear when her teen crush Andy Lee saw that her childhood bedroom was still adorned with Hamish & Andy memorabilia.

While young girls were idolising Justin Bieber, Belle was obsessed with the Australian radio show Hamish & Andy and even ran the Hamish & Andy fan club. Her obsession with Hamish & Andy led her to decide at the young age of 10, that she was wanted a career in radio.

This week her co-hosts Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton decided it would be a great idea to invite Andy Lee to Belle’s childhood home to see the Hamish & Andy posters plastered over her walls and shrine of Hamish & Andy merchandise.

Currently staying in her childhood bedroom after relocating to Melbourne to join Ben & Liam on Nova 100’s Melbourne breakfast show, Belle’s childhood room has been untouched since she moved out of home. The room is still adorned with  Hamish & Andy posters plastered across her walls, a homemade Hamish & Andy t-shirt, a school project she’d done on Hamish & Andy for school, Hamish & Andy’s popular limited edition Gravy chips and even a handcrafted wooden table with Hamish & Andy articles under the glass top.


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The only thing more awkward than having Andy Lee go through her room was that Belle had to confront him after the stitch up.

After a little time had settled since Andy saw Belle’s shrine, they asked him how he was feeling now.

Andy said, “Obviously, my own arrogance got excited that there was at least one shrine in Australia about it. It was the table, it was the table, where underneath all our the clippings were built into a table that just took me back to the edge of fear and shock, Bec and I have moved house, changing my name for witness protection.”

Belle said, “That stupid table, that was a woodwork project in year 10, we had to make a woodwork piece of art that encompassed something we were passionate about.”

Liam said, “That all makes so much sense now Belle, especially cause it’s still in the room there in the corner, that’s totally fine, everyone gets it.”

Andy said, “You know what the other part that was really offensive, it makes me feel old that you talked about being in year 10.”

Ben & Liam asked Andy if he had texted Hamish to tell him about Belle’s shrine. Andy said, “I am going to tell him today, we are getting together for the podcast, I wanted to show him the effort.”

The boys then got Andy Lee and Belle to face off in a quiz to see who knew more about Hamish & Andy, not surprisingly Belle won the quiz.

True to form, Andy was a great sport about Belle’s childhood obsession with the show.

Andy said, “It was a pleasure, it’s really great to see you guys on the air in Melbourne.”

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