Bauer Media’s Studio54 launches Celeste Barber campaign for Holden Equinox

Comedian and Instagram drawcard Celeste Barber co-created and stars in the campaign.

Bauer Media’s insight-led brand entertainment and storytelling division Story54 has launched a digitally led campaign created for the new Holden Equinox.

The four-part video series, developed in conjunction with Woman’s Day, Holden’s main agency Carat, and media partnership specialist Lacuna Agency, is broadcast across Now to Love, Bauer’s digital brand network.

Comedian and Instagram drawcard Celeste Barber co-created and stars in the campaign, delivering her satirical style across the content series.

Bauer Media’s general manager of Story54, Jane Waterhouse, said: “Story54 allows clients to work with an experienced team of channel agnostic strategists, creatives and producers, dedicated to delivering standout campaigns by women that influence and engage with women.

“Women as consumers are recalibrating what’s appropriate in advertising communications. They are responding to brands that are abandoning stereotypical and predictable communications and want to be spoken to in a more authentic language that shows truth in their lives. We couldn’t think of a better creative partnership for the Holden Equinox than one with Celeste Barber. Quite simply, her work says it all. She has nothing to prove.”

Celeste Barber, who has over 3.2 million Instagram followers including Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow, said: “I’ve built a career on the idea of having ‘nothing to prove’ so this campaign was a perfect fit.”

Holden’s senior marketing manager for media, brand & partnerships Nancy Del Monaco said: “Bauer’s Story54 delivered both the insights and the solution to help us celebrate the thousands of women who have nothing to prove by driving the new Equinox. Celeste was a perfect fit for the campaign. The campaign’s tagline ‘nothing to prove, prove it’ aligned seamlessly with Celeste’s parody prowess and her ability to reflect the real lives of Australian women and the moments where they can be unapologetically themselves.”

The campaign was part of a multilayered communication plan, which began with a brand campaign by creative agency The Monkeys.

Bauer Media’s Holden Equinox campaign was developed in collaboration with Carat and Lacuna Agency, launching on March 8 on the Now to Love digital brand network and across Woman’s Day’s and Celeste Barber’s social channels.

In just 24 hours, the campaign has clocked up 760,000+ views, and over 6,500 comments via Celeste’s social channels.

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