The Bachelor Australia: 1.8m – TV and social media powerhouse

#1 program of 2016 in online catch-up viewing

After eight weeks, 15 rose ceremonies, 30 dates and more than 500 candles, the fourth season of the multiscreen sensation The Bachelor Australia concluded last night with 1.8 million Australians tuning in as Richie Strahan declared his love for Alex Nation.


The Bachelor’s Alex Nation with Richie Strahan

The romantic and unforgettable The Final Decision episode had a national peak audience of 1.97 million and dominated social media, trending at #1 on Twitter in Australia with a 64% share of all television related tweets. It also trended #1 on Twitter worldwide.

Earlier last night, The Bachelor AustraliaFinale drew 1.47 million viewers nationally and a peak audience of 1.95 million.

In the capital cities, 1.33 million people tuned into The Final Decision, which peaked at 1.44 million. The Bachelor Australia – Finale had 1.1 million capital city viewers and peaked at 1.4 million.

The emotionally charged conclusion dominated its timeslot in the capital cities: The Final Decision scored a 42.3% commercial share in total people and a 49.7% share in people 25 to 54, while the Finale episode had a 35.3% share in total people and a 42.4% share in 25 to 54s.

The Bachelor Richie Strahan with first runner-up Nikki

The Bachelor Richie Strahan with first runner-up Nikki

Both episodes recorded the highest audience shares in 25 to 54s and total people in the five years that The Bachelor Australia has been on air.

Last night’s audience numbers across all screens capped a highly successful season for The Bachelor Australia.

The 2016 season had an average national audience of 1.21 million, including 913,000 capital city viewers. It reached 7.04 million capital city and 3.1 million regional viewers.

Across its 2016 season, The Bachelor Australia ranked #1 in its timeslot in total people, 25 to 54s and under 55s.

In the capital cities, The Bachelor Australia’s total audience average – which includes television and online catch-up viewing – was 1.06 million.

The series’ average seven-day online catch-up audience of 93,000 viewers is the highest number achieved by an Australian television show so far in 2016. The episode that went to air on 18 August is the top-performing single episode of any program this year, with a lift from seven-day online catch-up viewing of 110,000.

The Bachelor Australia was a smash hit online and on social media again this year.

On tenplay, the series generated 17.9 million video segment views – up 16% on the 2015 season – and 1.16 million unique video visitors (up 23%).

On social media, The Bachelor Australia achieved an average total weekly reach on Facebook of 4.2 million – an increase of 71% on last year – and average total weekly impressions on Twitter of 480,000, up 4% on 2015.

Network Ten chief programming officer Beverley McGarvey said: “The Bachelor Australia has again cemented its title as one of the most talked-about and successful programs on Australian television.

“On behalf of everyone at Ten, I would like to extend my congratulations to Richie and Alex and to wish them all the very best for the future.

“We are delighted with how Australians responded to this year’s season – on television, online and on social media. Thank you to all our viewers, our sponsors –Wrigley’s EXTRATM, Menulog, U By Kotex, REST Industry Super and Lindt – our partner Warner Bros International Television Production Australia, our executive producer Hilary Innes and everyone at Ten who worked on the show,” she said.

Ratings Round-up

•  The Final Decision, National: 1.8 million viewers.
•  The Final Decision, Capital Cities: 1.33 million viewers.
•  The Final Decision, Capital Cities:49.7%commercial share in people 25 to 54, 51.5% share in under 55s, 42.3% share in total people.
•  Finale, National: 1.47 million viewers.

•  Finale, Capital Cities: 1.1 million viewers.
•  Finale, Capital Cities: 42.4% commercial share in people 25 to 54, 43.9% share in under 55s, 35.3% share in total people.
•  2016 Season Average, National:1.21 million viewers.
•  2016 Season Average,Total Audience,Capital Cities:1.06 million viewers.
•  2016 Season Average, Capital Cities: 913,000 viewers.
•  2016 Season Reach: 7.04 million capital city viewers and 3.1 million regional viewers.
•  2016 Video Segment Views on tenplay: 17.9 million,up 16% on 2015.
•  2016 Video Starts on tenplay: 5.05 million, up 26% on 2015.
•  2016 Unique Video Visitors on tenplay: 1.16 million, up 23% on 2015.
•  Facebook Average Total Weekly Reach: 4.2 million, up 71% on 2015 series.
•  Twitter Average Total Weekly Impressions: 480,000, up 4% on 2015 series.
•  Facebook: 238,000 “likes”, up 13% from 211,000 when the series started on 27 July 2016.
•  Instagram: 111,000 followers, up 32% from 84,400 on 27 July 2016.

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