APN Outdoor joins the Australian Association of National Advertisers

James Warburton: ‘One of my goals is to move APN Outdoor from an asset-led business to an audience-led business.’

APN Outdoor has become a member of the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA). The company’s chief executive officer James Warburton said the move would help APN Outdoor become an audience-led business.

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Warburton said: “Being part of the AANA underlines our commitment to creating deeper conversations with marketers and giving APN Outdoor a bigger voice in the media industry beyond the outdoor sector.

APN Outdoor CEO James Warburton

“Marketers want innovative solutions and being part of the AANA will help us deliver those solutions. One of my goals is to move APN Outdoor from an asset-led business to an audience-led business. We need to better understand the challenges marketers face to help them identify new opportunities for their brands to connect with people.

“Transformation, innovation and ambition are the core pillars of our strategy, and becoming a member of the AANA clearly demonstrates how we are turning that strategy into action.”

For over 90 years, AANA has represented some of Australia’s biggest brands across all major sectors including FMCG, automotive, banking, finance and insurance, travel, health and beauty, media and communications. The association works to protect the interests of those businesses, which contribute to an estimated advertising spend of more than $15 billion a year.

AANA CEO John Broome on Mediaweek TV

Its mandate is to maintain and evolve the advertising codes that underpin the system of self-regulation in Australia, safeguard the rights of its members to commercial free speech and protect consumers by ensuring marketing communications are conducted responsibly.

AANA chief executive officer John Broome said: “The AANA is very pleased to welcome APN Outdoor as an AANA member. Outdoor is going through dramatic transformation as the channel benefits from digitisation and double-digit growth. This is presenting new opportunities to advertisers and many of our advertiser members who invest in outdoor are keen to stay abreast of the channel’s rapid developments and benefits.”

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