Alan Jones signs with Australian Digital Holdings and announces new program

Alan Jones

Jones will be ‘free and everywhere’ with Alan Jones Direct to the People

It has been announced today that Alan Jones has signed with Australian Digital Holdings, a new company, to launch his digital television show Alan Jones Direct to the People, which will premiere Monday, December 13. The announcement was made by Australian Digital Holdings chairman Maurice Newman.

The show was described as a unique experience in the Australian media landscape by Newman who cited that it will be free and viewable on every social media platform, available on podcast, and The website will also provide commentary pieces from Jones ranging from sports to politics to the arts. Newman said that they believe the programs and articles will produce millions of consumers.

Newman also said that while Jones is Australian Digital Holdings inaugural signing they plan to announce more within the next six months.

During the announcement press conference, Jones said that this project is a pioneering initiative.

“We have been encouraged by the reach and level of interest by what I am already posting on my Facebook page,” said Jones.

“It is very much the tomorrow of media in that all of you here know that we are all so busy and time-poor that we are not available to watch television at 7 o’clock at night or read the newspaper as we might want. But we might have time at 11 o’clock at night to ask what did he say about x or y. That content will continue to go up beyond whatever the program is.”

Jones said that the format of Alan Jones Direct to the People will be familiar to his supporters.

“I will have an opening editorial, at least two prominent interviews, a closing comment, a bit of a laugh. And thats it bang.”

This follows Jones’ resignation from Sky News earlier this year. Jones joined Sky News Australia in 2013 as co-host of political discussion program Richo + Jones, alongside Graham Richardson. He then went on to anchor Jones & Co in 2016 before hosting the Alan Jones program from July 2020.

The broadcaster won a record run of radio ratings for more than three decades and switched from radio to television with a 4-night per week primetime spot on Sky News Australia last year.

Following discussions regarding the opportunities on offer with Sky News Australia in 2022, Alan Jones made the decision to not return to the network next year.

The final episode of the Alan Jones aired on Sky News Australia, Thursday 4 November, at 8pm.

Jones’ departure from Sky News Australia came just months after The Daily Telegraph decided to stop publishing his regular columns after his Covid-19 coverage drew criticism. Jones had been vocally anti-lockdown and sceptical of the dangers of Covid-19.

Ben English, editor of The Daily Telegraph, reportedly told Jones that his column is going to be pulled because the column no longer resonates with readers.

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