AGL partners with Netflix to give customers ‘one less bill to think about’

AGL Netflix

The new offer sees AGL’s electricity rates and Netflix’s standard subscription with ads all included in one plan.

Available to residential customers, AGL Energy and Netflix have entered into an exclusive energy and streaming partnership, which AGL explains is designed for ‘ease and convenience.’ 

The new offer sees AGL’s electricity rates and Netflix Standard with Ads (RRP $6.99 per month or roughly $84 annually), all included in one plan.

AGL chief customer officer, Jo Egan, said the partnership supports AGL customers who are looking for value by bundling two common household services together.

“We know that 69 per cent of Australians use at least one streaming service. That’s why we have launched an energy-category exclusive partnership with Netflix in recognition of the pivotal role streaming entertainment now plays in our customers’ lives,” she said.

“We are always looking for new ways to deliver great value to our customers and this ongoing partnership with Netflix is bringing together the essential service of energy and great streaming entertainment.

“Many of us turn on Netflix when we hit the couch as naturally as we turn on the lights when it gets dark. For those who join the AGL Netflix Plan, they will have access to thousands of films and TV series on demand as part of their electricity account.”

Egan explains the new partnership exists to give AGL customers the convenience of having one provider for their home necessities, with ‘one less bill to think about.’

“This demonstrates AGL’s commitment to catering for our customers’ at-home needs and innovating for the future, including electric vehicle charging plans, telecommunications bundling options and energy deals,” she said. 

The Netflix plan is ongoing for the life of the AGL plan, rather than a shorter promotional period. 

The news of the partnership comes as Netflix’s Australian drama Boy Swallows Universe secured its position as the fifth most-watched show on Netflix worldwide and the second most-watched in Australia.

The limited drama series has attracted 3.6 million views since its release on January 11. 

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